Collect Farmer's data for
Ag-tech supply chain

say no to bloated forms and spreadsheets

Create the right apps and take control of your ops

Get fully scalable, native mobile applications and management platforms to automate every step of your supply chain

Product teams

We help you go live at the click of a button. Easily manage your product flows and experiments without extensive planning.

Operations teams

Manage all your users, teams and tasks in one place and monitor their progress. Get real time visibility into your process and performance.

Engineering teams

Beautifully designed APIs to integrate with your core systems without additional development. Use your own API schema. We'll do the heavylifting.


Build your process your way

Get your tools built without delays or dependencies. Let your 10X engineer focus on what really matters - your core business.

Faster Development
No coding knowledge needed
Bring your business logic, we take care of the rest
Infinitely extensible, your future needs are covered
Drag and drop mobile app builder

Download & deploy code
Go live instantly.

Ready to launch in minutes, not months

No code, no deployment and no installation. Go live with your apps at the click of a button.

Drag and
drop builder

Build your own native android and iOS mobile apps  through our visual builder. No coding required.

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Your reports at your fingertips

Moniter, Manipulate and Manage your data seamlessly.

Always on. Always On-Time.

All data is available in real-time for analysis

Push data to your warehouse

Instantly sync your data with any data warehouse
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Data Analysis
Tasks Completed
On Time