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Track every operational step in realtime using ZORP tables



Track every operational step in real-time

Collect and manage operational data - vendors, customers, inventory, and assets.
Plus, it streamlines processes from order fulfillment and dispatch to audits and quality checks.
Always know where your team is and what they are doing.

Let’s operate together to solve

Ensure your tasks are completed on time and meet expectations through workflows and validations



Ensure tasks are completed timely and meet expectations.

Transform your SOPs into web and mobile workflows effortlessly or let our AI, ZORP GPT do it.
Ensure process adherence through rigorous validations.
Automate task assignments, updates, and notifications to reduce manual mistakes and duplication.

Let’s operate together to solve

Manage issues early before they impact customers through ZORP alerts.



Manage issues early before they impact your customer

ZORP reduces resolution times and boost team efficiency, here’s how -
Monitors your critical operational data
Alerts you to issues, triggers SOPs for resolution
Identifies reoccuring and root causes of problems.
Automatically escalates urgent issues

Let’s operate together to solve

Easily customize your operations and monitor it realtime using dashboards



Customize your operations to match your growth

Instantly modify your mobile and web workflows
Analyze your operations’ impact with real time dashboards.
Identify opportunities and refine procedures seamlessly

ZORP communicates with 1000+ tools

Connect all your internal and external applications with ZORP to manage every part of your operations

The EV market is new territory for operations. We looked at tons of tools out there, like Freshworks, Zoho, Salesforce, and Kapture. But I went all-in on ZORP, and here's why – it's super flexible, gets us going fast, and it's easy for anyone on the team to use right out of the gate.

Kaushal Atodaria
Product Manager: E-Pump Network
Porter - The largest intra city logistics company

Instead of consolidating multiple excel files, we now have all our information on one platform, which helps us in efficiently tracking our operations.

Zorp customer 3
Ankit Rathi
Business Head, Porter

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We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine which of our services best fit your needs.

What you get:

✅ Analyze your operations’ impact with real time dashboards.
✅ Monitors your critical operational data
✅ Connect the tools you already use with 100+ integrations

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