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May 4, 2022
All new Image upload component
Remember uploading images one by one? It was hard. You asked and we listened. Now, you can upload multiple images seamlessly via camera or gallery using the brand new image component. This one's gonna save a tone of time while uploading images. Not just that, we made the image upload to happen in the background. You no longer have to wait for all the images to upload before you continue your task. More power to you!
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Local data storage
Ever close the ZORP app when you upload data to the form and not submit? You used to lose all your data. This made it hard for our users to do long tasks where they might have to close the app, do the job, come back and update. No more! We made a fancy update to store your data locally in the app even if you close it. This includes images too. Now, you can safely do your work without worrying if all your data is stored properly.

Handling no-internet
We made it very easy for you to know if you've bad internet connection. Just look for the top bar when there's no internet. You know what to do next.
Handling location
Now you can directly go to the location settings just from a button click form the ZORP app instead of manually going to the location settings from system settings and then having to tweak the changes, this way we have made sure that location settings are easily accessible.