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Automate your Marketing operations using these amazing tools.

Yepic Studio

Yepic AI is a video creation tool and text to video solution that automates video production. Yepic saves companies money by removing the need for paid actors, filming equipment, editing, and studios. Simply choose an AI avatar, choose one of 500 voices, type in your script, and click generate. We have an API that allows product owners to integrate our capabilities into your software and allows marketing and sales functions to connect Yepic Studio with their CRM, allowing dynamic video content at scale.

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Hop2 URL shortener

URL shortener with powerful features like A/B testing, QR codes, analytics, and more. Use custom domains to make your links branded and unique. Track each click and understand your customers and manage successful campaigns. Shorten your URLs and protect them with a password or generate a QR code for easy sharing.

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Automate marketing on Quora to grow your business 🚀

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Snackeet is a web stories builder to design engaging online forms, quizzes, and surveys

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Simplified is

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Bannerbear is an API that offers a wide range of graphic templates.

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