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Startup SaaS Products for

Software Backend

Wouldn't it be lovely to have ready-to-build backends just when you don't have enough engg bandwidth? Check out these tools for no code backend.


BoxyHQ helps developers automate product security, and it provides low-code APIs to enable enterprise compliant security via simple and efficient integrations. Including SAML SSO, audit logs, directory sync, and privacy vault. Through its commercial open source shift left approach it intends to become the main Developer Security Orchestration Platform in the market - DevSecMesh.

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Vault Vision

User Authentication and Login-as-a-Service

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StepZen is a service to build GraphQL APIs for every data source (Databases + APIs), that runs in the cloud. StepZen is the only backend you need for your startup.

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Google Spreadsheets

Use Google Sheets to create and edit online spreadsheets. Get insights together with secure sharing in real-time and from any device.

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Airtable is a cloud-base software company that offers an online platform for creating and sharing relational databases

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Xano provides a scalable backend, database, ready-to-use API, and a No Code business logic builder to transform data to and from any source.

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Supabase is a provider of a developer tools suite intended to handle repetitive workflows.

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