List Component, Script Editor and Onboarding Wizard

November 5, 2022

                        Product Update 4

Hey everyone, Afrid here with the fourth Product Update and trust me this is an exciting one! Let me jump in right away without further ado and show you all what our team has brought new on Zorp for you all.

List Component:

Introducing a brand new UI component for displaying and managing a variable list of the same data.

Let’s say you built a Field Sales app on Zorp using one of our templates but there are cases where your salesmen want to add multiple product information to the same visit.,In this case, they currently would have to manage all of them in a text field and add them one by one, right?
Seems so tedious and also makes it tough while you export the tasks data for any analysis. So what did we do you ask? Ta-Da!
The All new List component. The List component will allow you to collect n Number of items of the same type according to your use cases. We at Zorp let you, our customers, have all the freedom and flexibility to design the app and hence we developed the list component in the same vision.

Some examples of where you can use lists are

  • Adding multiple items belonging to the same order in a delivery process
  • List of items added at the same time in inventory
  • List of conversations for a prospect in a CRM
  • List of payments collected in the past by a sales team

You can configure anything and everything with respect to the List component:

  • The way it looks on the Screen Nodes
  • The way the Users of the app would be allowed to interact with it. (Read only/Editable Lists)

  and many more!

Script Editor:

At Zorp, we care a lot about the extensibility of our applications. Our customers should be able to build on top of what we provide. Now, you can take the basic data you have, transform it and manipulate it anyway you want easily.

Introducing the Low code editor! The  Script editor in Zorp builder will let you write custom JavaScript functions on your datafields to play with your data as you wish. The Script editor can be accessed at every place on Zorp where there is an Input. Just click on the Fn button and then open the window of endless opportunities for you to manipulate your data.

Click here to read more about the Script Editor

All New Onboarding Feature:

Did you sign up on Zorp and get stuck not knowing how to get started?. We are more upset by the fact that you could not build an app. Hence let me introduce you to your friend, the Onboarding feature. Are you seeing a new icon on the Zorp sidebar that says Home? Home is where the heart is! As much as that's true. In our case Home is where the New Onboarding feature is!
The onboarding feature will take you on a Step by Step approach on how to create an App on Zorp and use it in less than 5 minutes.