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Zorp Partner Program

Join us and be part of the most Innovative Operations Platform for Modern Businesses.
The Zorp Partner Program is a great way to help businesses grow and earn commissions. As a partner, you will be able to help build innovative solutions that fast growing companies need to manage their operations.

With ZORP, you can Automate every Process, view Realtime Data and Know when things break.
✅ Build mission critical Web and Mobile applications in minutes. 100x faster than traditional development.
✅ Iterate fast with your clients' business processes and drive more value
✅ Collect high quality data with automated valiations and realtime access
✅ Analyse data and gather actionable insights through powerful Reporting and Dashboards
✅ Automate the client's Control Center by Monitoring for anomalies, issues, gaps in businesses realtime
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Create Applications Instantly

Create simple forms, checklists to powerful Task based applications in just a few minutes. Use a simple drag and drop approach to create native Android and iOS applications in minutes.

Visual Builder

Add components and application logic through a simple visual interface.

Deploy Instantly

1-click publish to Play and App Store helps you deploy applications in minutes.

Collect & Manage Data

Create Web Dashboards to store and manage data created from the workflows. Add Automations, validations and Role Based Access Controls

Custom Data Models

Create your own custom data models to suit the clients' specific needs.

Automations and Integrations

Create powerful automations to take specific logic based actions or integrate with external systems

Analyse & Monitor Data

Provide a realtime visibility to your clients' central teams on the execution. Automatically monitor for anomalies through ZORP's proprietary Anomaly Detection System.

Reports and Dashboards

Create custom Reports and Dashboards to show different metrics and performances realtime.

Detect Anomalies

Powerful Anomaly detection system automatically monitors for issues/progress gaps and alerts the right teams.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Zorp Partner Programe
Who can become a ZORP Partner?
If your company sells Technology products that businesses use for their non-consumer facing use cases, you'll fit as a great partner.
What are the different Partnership Models?
ZORP offers two Partnership models:

Implementation partners:
These partners work with ZORP's clients and help them implement the platform for their use case. The commission is usually charged as an implementation charge.

Sales Partners:
Sales partners bring in new clients to ZORP platform. They typically take a share of revenue.

A partner can be involved in both the models.
Will ZORP help me with the sales process?
Absolutely! We are happy to be part of the Demo and closing process to make sure the client completely understands the benefits.
Do you provide Training for the Implementation and Sales teams?
Yes. We offer extensive training and support to our partners to ensure they succeed in their endeavour.
Will ZORP share leads with the Partners?
Yes. Approved partners will get leads from ZORP whom they can engage and convert.
How does Zorp pricing work?
1. ZORP's pricing is charged based on the features you use and the users you have.

2. You have access to adding unlimited workflows on all the plans on ZORP.

3. If you're on the ZORP free plan, you can have up to 10 users without adding a payment method with limited features. This is enough for most small companies getting started.

4. If you're on the ZORP paid plans, there's a fixed charge per month based on the number of users you create or execute. No surprises and no hidden charges.
What kind of technical support does ZORP provide?
At ZORP, we're proud of the support we give to our customers. We offer 16X6 support for all customers including our partners. Support is Free and always will be.
Whom to contact to discuss partnership models and commissions?
You can write to bala@zorp.one to discuss further details
Are there any charges to be a ZORP partner?
Currently, there are no charges to be a part of the ZORP partner program. But to be approved as a partner and for lead sharing, you will need to ensure you achieve target number of customers yearly.