New UI and UX

September 29, 2022

                        Product Update 3                         

                                   New UI and UX

Hey everyone, Afrid here with another update! You’re gonna love this one.  You know those age-old blue colors, they needed a change, didn’t they? The Zorp app now has a completely new look and feel to it. It’s much cleaner, easier to read, and focuses on what you need exactly. Tell us what you think of our new look.
Now your apps will have a seamless experience while doing their tasks, be it in bright sunlight outdoors while doing a delivery or in a dimly lit store doing an inventory check, the new UI has been designed in such a way that it is easy to use by everyone.

Home Screen

The tasks on your home screen have a larger space. You can see more of them clearly. We also have a new search bar for your users to find and filter the tasks that they want to execute. Those infinite scrolls can sometimes be frustrating

Task Card

The Task Cards have been revamped to help the users see the most necessary details of the task for them to take action swiftly. And you have a completely new way to design what information you want to show in the task cards. Here are a few examples

All New Components

We heard you. No more long list of Dropdown Values cluttering the screen or no more Big Input components that take up most of the screen making the users scroll endlessly to enter details while completing the tasks. All our Components are now Sleek and Simple with the same superpowers that they used to have.

We're excited to introduce new ways for businesses and creators to build sustainable businesses using our decentralized platform.