Task Create from App,Teams Management and Duplication of Widgets

November 26, 2022

                         Product Update 5

Hey everyone,I’m back again to blow the trumpet to you all about what we have built and shipped on Zorp recently. I’ll keep this one short! Without further adieu let's jump right in.

Create Task from App:

Zorp is all about self-serve. We let you create an app, maintain it, and create the tasks for your workflows all by yourself. We took this approach one step ahead. You can now create Tasks right from the App. There might be use cases where your users would execute a workflow for an infinite number of times, and you cannot create unlimited tasks from the Zorp Web dashboard for them, or keep creating the tasks as they complete them. Hence, Task creation from App. Once you enable this for your workflow, your users will see a button on the top right of the home screen which will allow them to create the Task from the App itself.
This configuration is available now under "Configure Workflow Settings"

Teams Management:

Operations always work in Teams, this can start from the macro teams and come down to the micro teams who handle the on-ground operations using the Zorp App. But we want the Top Level teams to have access to the task data of all their reporting teams whereas we would not want the teams at the same level to be able to access each other’s tasks. Zorp handles this with ease using a Team Hierarchy configuration. Add New Teams and designate its Parent Team. To make things easier you can use our Team Hierarchy Viewer to help you visualise this.

Duplication of Widgets:

We know it takes a lot of effort to drag-n-drop the same component again and again if it is needed in your workflow. Wish there was an easy way to just duplicate the Widgets right? Well, your wish came true! You can now duplicate the widget with a click of a button. Click the Copy icon on top of the already configured widget and Voila, it creates a copy of the original beneath it.

Wait! What if I want to move the duplicated one to the top of the screen? We got you covered on that too! Drag the components anywhere on the screen and rearrange them as you wish!