Templates, Data Fields and Ability to delete tasks

September 8, 2021

                          Product Update 2

→ Workflow Templates

We have made it very easy to build your first application. Use one of the many available Workflow templates to get started in your building journey. Workflow templates have the common use cases predefined so you can get start with your app right away 💨
On choosing a template, you automatically get the mobile screens, the data fields and the integrations that are part of the template right away. You could however edit the template as you wish before publishing. When you’re done, hit publish and your app is live immediately. 🥳

Click here to know more on Workflow Templates

→ Data Fields

We have introduced an internal database for your workflows. In the data fields, you can use the pre-defined fields or create a new data field that you need in a click of a button. You can use the data field to store and read the data that’s used in your application. 🦸

Sounds cool! Doesn't it? Go on! Use it in your workflows and give it a try! Click here to know more on Data Fields

→ Task Deletion

We have made it easier for you to now delete tasks from Zorp controlcenter. In case you created some of yours tasks by mistake or those tasks are no more valid, you have an option to delete those tasks much more easily.
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→ Other product enhancements and bug fixes

- We have made Phone number optional during user creation. Not in all situations you have the user's phone numbers available, and you may want to provide an option for your managers to omit the user's phone number- Publish button in the workflow is now enabled only after any kind of change in the workflow. This avoids the issue of the publish erroring in case of no changes- We now pre-create the API Role. This role is relevant when you want to configure the permissions for API user/token. Navigate to Settings -> Roles on Zorp Controlcenter to check this out.