Let ZORP Alerts detect and resolve incidents in your ops for you

Don’t let stock out, delay in delivery, material shortage, equipment breakdown, scheduling conflicts or any other incident, impact your customer experience.
Automatically detect and resolve incidents in your operations
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You’ll never ask what went wrong.
You will know and likely resolved it already!

Alerts detects operational issues, alerts you and automatically initiates your (SOPs)
standing operating procedures to resolve them.

Without ZORP Alerts

Don’t know that something went wrong until customer escalates or during weekly review.

Detecting issues involves going through data present in multiple software

You guide your team on the next step to be taken to resolve the issue

Time to resolution is high

Customer is dissatisfied, lost revenue and poor NPS


With ZORP Alerts

Issue detection is immediate and automated.

Immediate alerts ensure you're always informed.

SOPs are triggered automatically for swift issue resolution.

Rapid response times to issues.

Deliveries and service to customers are timely and flawless.

Connect your datasource

Connect your data source

over who can access and interact with your workflows within the platform.
Connect data in your ZORP systems.
Connect your custom data warehouse
Connect to your other software applications
PS - ZORP is equipped to link up with any software/system you use.
Automatically resolve issues with custom issue resolution process

Automate issue resolution process

Update order status, notify your customers or send a purchase order to vendor. Alerts automatically takes preventive action based on your incident response playbook to fix the issue for you.
Update statuses
Create or update tasks for you team to act upon
Automatically perform tasks outside ZORP using our API integrations
Choose any or all of the above.
Additionally, Alerts will track the status of each issue and automatically escalate pending tasks to the right person.
Assess your team performance

Assess team performance and operational health

Alerts will give you actionable insights on :
The most recurring problems
Teams issue resolution performance
Root cause analysis of the issue

Is your Shopify Store management more firefighting than selling?

Integrate your Shopify Store with ZORP Alerts and do not let internal operational challenges from impacting your customers experience.
Use ZORP Shopify app to setup automated alerts on your Shopify store.
Order volume above threshold
Payment overdue
Product out of stock
Delayed delivery
High frequency of customer complaint
Inaccurate data
View ZORP app on the Shopify app store.

Business Intelligence for data driven operations teams

Business intelligence system for data driven operations teams

The EV market is new territory for operations. We looked at tons of tools out there, like Freshworks, Zoho, Salesforce, and Kapture. But I went all-in on ZORP, and here's why – it's super flexible, gets us going fast, and it's easy for anyone on the team to use right out of the gate.

Kaushal Atodaria
Product Manager: E-Pump Network
Porter - The largest intra city logistics company

Instead of consolidating multiple excel files, we now have all our information on one platform, which helps us in efficiently tracking our operations.

Zorp customer 3
Ankit Rathi
Business Head, Porter

Stop force-fitting your mission-control processes to standard solutions. Discover how.

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
👉 Customize to fit your ops
👉 Use only what you need, we do not disrupt your existing flows

What happens next?

1. We schedule a call as per your calendar
2. We discover what use cases ZORP can solve
3. We prepare a proposal

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