Business Intelligence
for data driven operations teams

Self serve reporting and dashboards to connect to and visualize any dataset effortlessly.
Identify trends, spot anomalies and uncover opportunities to optimize day-to-day operations.
Business intelligence system for data driven operations teams
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Uncover insights. Optimize the way you operate.

Connect your data in 2 mins.
Make operations data driven.

Connect data from multiple sources
ZORP BI not only integrates with ZORP, but also connects to your external databases, like Postgres, Clickhouse, Shopify, Unicommerce, MySQL. Plus, we're equipped to link up with any other system you use.
Connect to ZORP Tables
Connect to an external data warehouse
Connect to applications like Shopify, Unicommerce
Embed reports directly into your dashboards

Drive impact. Share insights everywhere.

You can embed the dashboards you’ve created on your everyday apps or access it directly on ZORP. Present it in meetings and share it with your teams. Make impactful improvements across your operations.
Embed with a single click on ZORP.
Embed your dashboard seamlessly into your work tools.
Share dashboards easily with your team members

You can share the dashboards you’ve created with your team members.

Grant them comment only or comment and edit access. You have full control.
Tailor chart permissions
User permissions for dashboards
Restrict access to sensitive information

Leave monitoring your operations to ZORP Alerts. Get notified as soon as things go wrong.

The EV market is new territory for operations. We looked at tons of tools out there, like Freshworks, Zoho, Salesforce, and Kapture. But I went all-in on ZORP, and here's why – it's super flexible, gets us going fast, and it's easy for anyone on the team to use right out of the gate.

Kaushal Atodaria
Product Manager: E-Pump Network
Porter - The largest intra city logistics company

Instead of consolidating multiple excel files, we now have all our information on one platform, which helps us in efficiently tracking our operations.

Zorp customer 3
Ankit Rathi
Business Head, Porter

Stop force-fitting your mission-control processes to standard solutions. Discover how.

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
👉 Customize to fit your ops
👉 Use only what you need, we do not disrupt your existing flows

What happens next?

1. We schedule a call as per your calendar
2. We discover what use cases ZORP can solve
3. We prepare a proposal

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