How Porter scaled 10x with Zorp

Porter is India's largest marketplace for Intra-city logistics

Porter works with over 150,000 driver partners serving 5 Million customers. They operate in over 12 cities in India.

5 Million
Driver Partners
Engineering Team Size
The Problem
Porter recently launched a new business which is orthogonal to their existing business. Given it’s a new business, it started running with Google Spreadsheets and Whatsapp groups mainly. Over a year, the business grew 10x the volume with hundreds of users across the board. The team was managing with just spreadsheet managers writing scripts to sync across different sheets.

During the same time, the customers wanted real-time visibility into their orders. They want to track the orders, know when they are delivered and wanted proof of the same real time.

Time to build a product. Only problem is that even with a really large engineering team (in 100s), Porter could never allocate enough engineers to build this internally.

Hiring new engineers would cost a million dollar and 3-6 months of time before the product is even ready. Logistics products are inherently difficult to build. They need native mobile applications and management platforms to get started.
The Solution
We initially estimated an aggressive target of 6 months to build these products. With Zorp, we were able to go live in 2 weeks!
Porter started looking for SaaS solutions or outsourced developers. Outsourced developers take several months to close the product and SaaS solutions were not a perfect fit to their use case. SaaS platforms provide a standard delivery application but part of Porter’s operations were very different from traditional delivery.

That’s when Apurva reached out to Zorp. Zorp being a platform where users can design their own application was a game changer for Porter.

They quickly built out the applications, training modules in a couple of weeks and went live with their users.
The Result
Instead of consolidating multiple excel files, we now have all our information on one platform, which helps us in efficiently tracking our operations.
Porter has since then scaled their operations 7X on Zorp. Their calling and managing overhead has dropped down by over 70%. And without spending Millions of dollars building these internally, they were able to spend a few thousand dollars overall and still get the same capability.
Cities Live
Cost of Ops Overheads
Cost of Development
If there’s any new use case that they come across, Zorp is the default solution to go to. The best part is, Product and business teams do not need to go to engineering team to build what they need. They can customize the products themselves instantly. The ability to make changes and experiment faster on the ground and provided them ammunition to scale really fast.