Revolutionize your EV fleet management with Zorp

Streamline Operations, Maximize Efficiency: Unlock the Power of No-Code, Dynamic Software for Seamless EV Fleet Management
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Real-Time Fleet Management, Any Device, Anywhere

One solution for all your fleet management

Empowering Your EV Fleet for a Sustainable Future. Optimize your Electric Vehicle Fleet with Zorp's Customizable Fleet Management software
User-friendly interface for easy adoption and seamless integration
Customizable features to cater to your unique requirements
Streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity
Mobile-First Access: Manage Your Fleet Anytime, Anywhere
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Let Zorp do the calculation for you!

Fleet Operations Reports: Monitor Performance and Control Costs

Gain Valuable Insights into Fleet Performance and Management Metrics
Real-time view of operational costs for informed decision-making
Track vehicle and equipment usage to optimize resource allocation
Unlock Vehicle Insights for Optimal Performance

Vehicle Diagnostics: Optimize Performance and Identify Maintenance Needs

Monitor Vehicle Health and Enhance Efficiency with Advanced Diagnostics
Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, engine status, and mileage
Track vehicle service history and schedule routine maintenance tasks
Improve fleet performance through data-driven diagnostics
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Automate your way!

Automated Maintenance Alerts for Timely Notifications

Stay Ahead of Critical Maintenance Tasks with Intelligent Alerts
Surface critical reminders to the appropriate personnel in real-time
Customize alert settings based on priority and user roles
Receive automated notifications for scheduled maintenance tasks
Visibility and Security for Your Fleet Assets

Asset Tracking: Monitor and Safeguard Your Fleet's Valuable Assets

Track and Secure Vehicles, Trailers, and Equipment
Track asset location, utilization, and movement in real-time
Prevent theft or loss of vehicles, trailers, and equipment
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On-the-Go Fleet Management at Your Fingertips

ZORP's CRM works for you and not the other way around. It's completely flexible to suit the needs of your business. Checkout other amazing features below.

Asset Management

Gain real-time visibility into asset locations, monitor usage patterns, and ensure timely maintenance.

Fleet Operations Reports

Unlock valuable data-driven insights into your fleet operations with comprehensive fleet operations reports.

Fuel Management

Monitor fuel usage, detect anomalies, and identify potential fuel theft or misuse. Optimize fuel efficiency, reduce fuel-related expenses.

Live Tracking and Notifications

Monitor vehicle locations, track routes, and receive instant alerts for deviations or critical events.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Monitor fuel consumption, engine status, mileage, and other vital metrics to identify maintenance needs and optimize vehicle performance.

Automated Maintenance Alerts

Receive timely reminders for routine service tasks, inspections, and repairs based on vehicle usage and predefined schedules.

Wanna see more?

This is just scratching the surface. Zorp is fully packed with all the features that you would need not just to run your business at the current scale but also in the future you are trying to build.


You can brand the Zorp mobile crms in your company’s branding. This makes the applications look like your company’s product.

Users, Teams and Access Control

Model your complex org structure in Zorp easily using Teams and users. Provide restricted access to different team members based on roles.
Create a multilingual app

Multilingual Support

Allow your users to use the Zorp app in their native language. Zorp automatically picks up their phone's language so you don't have to do anything.