Finally, an intelligent Mobile CRM

ZORP is the first CRM fully customizable to your needs: It's lightweight, Customizable and Ludicrously powerful.
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Your CRM that fits to your needs!

Customizable Fields and Menus

Completely customize your CRM fields, names, menus and arrangements that suit your business and users' needs very easily.
Use a simple drag and drop interface that any one can use
Apply field level controls to show or hide fields from users
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Dashboard mockup
Let the CRM do the remembering for you!

Setup Followups and Reminders

Setup follow ups and reminders after every visit/call/integration to yourself or others in your team at the click of a button.
Schedule when you want to be notified, text and other details
Escalate when the followups are not closed.
When you're mobile, you need mobile features!

Location Based Validations

Having people in the field comes with its own challenges. Use the location validation and check-in features to validate the visit done.
Use Geo-fencing for accurate check-in locations.
Passively capture location or actively validate based on your requirements.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Send Customized messages to your customers

Templatized Customer Comms

Use templatized or custom communications to your customers directly from your mobile CRM.
Use the channel of your choice - Email, Text, Whatsapp or others
Create your standard templates or allow custom texts as per your needs.
Know when things go wrong!

Get alerted on business changes

Whether your sales doesn't convert, the deal amount is too less or the customer went with a competitor, get alerted on business changes so you can take action right away!
Get notified instantly on the channel of your choice - Slack, Teams, Email, Text or even call.
Design your custom alerting scenarios according to your custom needs
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More power!

Fully Customizable CRM, the way you want!

ZORP's CRM works for you and not the other way around. It's completely flexible to suit the needs of your business. Checkout other amazing features below.

Custom Fields and Modules

Create your business specific fields and menus within the CRM and arrange them the way you want.

Robust Integrations

Use it standalone or with any other tool through our Robust integrations. ZORP works with SF, Hubspot, Zoho and many others.

Communication Templates

Use Standard templates for communicating with your customers via Email, Whatsapp, Text and more.

Role based access control

Control who accesses which data through our robust access control method that works out of the box.

Easy Reassignment

Assign leads to different people manually or even automatically based on certain conditions


Multiple actions are available for you to automate your CRM. Use simple "If-Then" logic to alert, update data or notify customers.

Wanna see more?

This is just scratching the surface. Zorp is fully packed with all the features that you would need not just to run your business at the current scale but also in the future you are trying to build.


You can brand the Zorp mobile crms in your company’s branding. This makes the applications look like your company’s product.

Users, Teams and Access Control

Model your complex org structure in Zorp easily using Teams and users. Provide restricted access to different team members based on roles.
Create a multilingual app

Multilingual Support

Allow your users to use the Zorp app in their native language. Zorp automatically picks up their phone's language so you don't have to do anything.