"Stock Right" with Smart Inventory Management Solution

Don't just manage stock. Identify bottlenecks, understand and optimize your inventory proactively.

The Only Inventory Management Solution Built for Inventory Optimization

Don't Over-stock or Under-stock. Achieve Just-in-Time inventory through powerful solution that understands, predicts and guides you to optimize your inventory levels.

Avoid Stockouts

Identify SKUs, locations and times when stock outs happen, create patterns and address them proactively.

Reduce your Holding Costs

Avoid unnecessary Purchase Order placement by understanding your order flow.

Reduce Inventory Wastage

Identify skus and locations that contribute to wastages.

Comprehensive and Customizable Inventory Management Software

Automate your complete inventory lifecycle from Procurement to fulfilment in a single platform.

Live Stock Level Alerts

Get live Stockout Alerts and Realtime insights into Optimal Stock Levels. Get Overstock and Understock alerts

Omnichannel, All the Way!

Supports Omnichannel Sales and Fulfilment. Use the Fulfilment app for Inhouse fulfilment teams

Manage Multiple Locations

Have Multiple Warehouses and Stores? Manage them all independently or combined using a single platform

Lightweight & Customizable

ZORP adapts to the needs of your business than the other way. Super easy to customize and adapt to your process

Powerful Realtime Reporting

Create live reports on every aspect of your business and inventory across locations, teams and organization

Barcode Scanner

Use Barcode or QR Scanners to scan, match and manage every sku individually or in bulk and without any errors

Integrate with over 100+ apps

Connect with your 3rd party applications or your internal systems in a matter of minutes using powerful in-built integrations.

*See our Docs for the integration guide

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