The ZORP Story - How we got started

Published on
November 23, 2023
Bala Panneerselvam
I'm a Husband, dog-parent, and cofounder of Zorp. I love systems thinking and behavior shaping.
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The ZORP Story - How we got started.

Like all great things, ZORP got started over a beer. Vivek, Subbu and I were at Uru Pub, a great place to hang out in Bangalore. I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink in the middle of the day.

Uru Pub

We all recently moved on from Bounce, our previous company and we were still reliving the days when we started the technology team for Operations there. Some great memories.

The topic moved on to what we want to do next. I wanted to continue with product but I was done with supply and Operations. I had done enough of that in my life and want to move to the data side of Product.

We also spoke about how influential the products at Bounce were for their operations and how almost no company has such powerful technology backing their operations. It was true. Most companies still did and do work with a rudimentary set of tools roughly put together to just get the job done. With just a basic investment into automating the workflows, you can easily see an uplift of 40-60%. Sad that most companies do not have the resources to get there.

At that time, Vivek mentioned,

If it’s so critical and no one else is doing this, why don’t we build it? We for sure know how to do this.

Something kinda clicked. There was a long pause. None of us said anything for some time. But we all already made up our minds. At least I knew I did. All I had to do is rationalize that decision.

The next day, we started working.

- Bala

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