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Inside Zorp
May 31, 2022

ZORP raises $600K in PreSeed

Inside Zorp
May 31, 2022

ZORP raises $600K in PreSeed

Bala Panneerselvam
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It’s been exactly a year since Subramanya, Vivek, and I started working on ZORP. Today, we’re really happy to announce our first external funding by Good Capital, Better Capital, Bharat Founders Fund, and some of the greatest founders and operators in the startup ecosystem. 80% of the world’s workforce works physically interacting with machines, people and infrastructure. Only 1% of software is built for them. Until now.

ZORP is building the technology infrastructure to manage Physical work. To start with, we're providing our customers the ability to build powerful, native android and iOS applications to manage their mobile workforce. Today, our customers can build these apps in a few minutes without complex technical knowledge.

In a world where AI is making art and driverless cars ferry people, businesses still manage physical work with spreadsheets and chat groups. The reason is that the actual cost and opportunity cost of building these tools are very high. Today, companies need to spend 100,000s of dollars and months of time to build these products internally. That should not be how things work.

We are working towards making technology accessible across all companies irrespective of funding, complexity or geography. So, they can focus on building a business not operational products.

We are lucky enough to partner with some great companies as early customers including Porter, Jar, Rescue, and many others. We hope to expand the value we create for them to more companies in the future.

While our journey has just started, we have strong signals from our customers that ZORP solves a real problem. Along with this, the vote of confidence from our new investors is a very exciting milestone for us. We are excited to be working with them.

We would like to thank Arjun, Rohan, Vaibhav, Pankaj, Sayali, Kuldeep, PJ, Bharath, Abhimanyu, Happy, Ashish, Rahul, Dhruv, Aakash, Sidharth, Maanav, Suhas for the faith!

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