The ZORP Story - How we named our company

Published on
November 23, 2023
Bala Panneerselvam
I'm a Husband, dog-parent, and cofounder of Zorp. I love systems thinking and behavior shaping.
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I like to say that there are only two ways to find a name for your company. You either get it on the first go or you struggle for days, weeks to find all combinations that represent the brand you plan to build and still fail to find something reasonable. Our story was the latter.

When we wanted to name our brand, just like most Founders, we wanted it to be a perfect, 4-5 letter word that clearly represents what we are building. And the domain should be cheap. The last part was important.

We couldn’t go with any obvious names, so we started going for abbreviations. Some of the names were outright ridiculous. I remember having LOFR. Don’t even remember what that was supposed to represent.

Finally, after days of discussions and debates, we settled on ORP. Operations and Routing Platform. It still sounded like an over-bloated ERP which is the opposite of what we were trying to build. That’s when we found the magical ‘X’! And thus came XORP! - eXtensible Operations and Routing Platform. So cool!

We bought the domains, put up our landing page and started calling our friends. The first few people I called, all tried to spell it with a ‘Z’. It’s X-O-R-P, how hard is it to get it! Such a good name! Then I was talking to another friend, who outright searched for ZORP. Users have spoken. And thus XORP became ZORP!

I think it sounds cooler. Or it just grew on me. Either way, what a kick-ass name!

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