2023 year end musings

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Thank you for being part of the ZORP community. End of the year is usually a good time to reflect and think about the past and the future. This year has been incredible for ZORP. It would not be complete without thanking our customers and our community.

Our mission has been simple. To make businesses more efficient. We do this by building foundational products that help them understand, optimize and improve their business processes.

Over the last 2 years, we have primarily focused on field workflows. About 80% of our customers also had in-office workflows as an extension of their field workflows. This enabled us build ZORP Tables. It’s an incredibly powerful and versatile platform that helps you manage all your operational processes, workflows and business data. Since it’s launch 4 months back, tables is growing by 3X every month and used by 85% of ZORP customers.

We also had a rudimentary reporting platform available for our customers. Which Ops team works without numbers?? It was important for our customers to have a proper reporting infrastructure which they can use. It can’t be like the ones which Monday, clickup or even hubspot have. It needs to be functional and have the ability to create complex reports and insights. This led us to implement ZORP BI (internally called Chronos). It’s an incredibly powerful reporting framework offering simple drag and drop report building or complex query based report building. And all the ZORP data is available instantly for our customers to observe.

But so far, these are just table stakes. We wanted to something more. For ZORP to really improve business metrics, we need to identify and unearth key blockers, process gaps that our customers would normally miss or address only when things break. We need an intelligent system that can understand the customer data, identify bottlenecks and proactively help them address it.

Introducing Monitors: Monitors is an automated monitoring infrastructure that can look at your data patterns, identify issues and alert you so you can take actions proactively. The best part, Monitors don’t just work on ZORP data but also on your existing database or 3rd party platforms.

There are so many incredible launches in 2023. Some highlights:

ZORP GPT - Now use AI to create Android and iOS mobile apps for your ops with just a prompt

Google Forms to App - 1-click converter to convert google forms to native android and iOS apps

Secrets Management - Manage all your keys and credentials in one place securely

ZORP Tickets - Manage your tickets, SLAs, assignment and escalations for internal ticketing

Tables on App - Launched ZORP Tables on app

Record and Task history - Complete history of every change in every data point for audits

Theming and white labeling - Completely customize the look and feel of your ZORP applications according to your brand guidelines

Web dashboard customization - Organize information and set visibility for different data points in your web dashboards.

We’re amazed by the reception for these new platforms. We’re also excited about what’s coming next. There are some incredible new changes coming to ZORP which will offer even more power to our customers. (Hint: AI ;)).

Once again, thank you for your faith in us. We look forward to serving you more. Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

PS: As always, ZORP support will be open if there’s anything you need.

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