The Best 10 Apps For Tracking Attendance In Your Business In 2022

The best attendance tracking apps for your business in 2022. Now you can track employee attendance hassle-free.


All of these outdated timekeeping techniques have been replaced by timekeeping applications, which are widely used by businesses to maintain employee attendance. Organizations are smitten with incredibly adaptable mobile apps for monitoring employee information in addition to attendance management software. Using an attendance app, you can keep organized and ensure your staff is there when they clock in and out. And these are just a few ways a time and attendance tool may make your everyday tasks easier.

Here are some of the 10 best apps for tracking down the attendance for your business in 2022: 

Harvest Time and Attendance Tracking 

Managing your time can provide important information about your company, but it can be challenging to remember to do it. So that you can get crucial data without driving yourself (or your team) crazy, Harvest makes it simple to track time and expenses. Timesheets offer a plethora of data that can improve how you manage your diverse staff. Harvest compiles this unprocessed timesheet data into a visual breakdown of how your staff spends its time.

Quick Books Time 

The QuickBooks time-tracking software is available for workers who commute long distances or frequently change jobs or locations. Your staff can track time quickly and easily using the devices they already own and are accustomed to using, with practical clock-in/clock-out reminders, employee breaks, and overtime warnings to keep everyone informed. Employees can use iPhone or Android apps, SMS messages, or dial-in to clock in and out on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. QuickBooks Time accurately tracks time, even when unavailable or out of service, and syncs when it is again within range.

Sling Time and Attendance Tracking 

Due to its capacity to greatly simplify your planning, time tracking, and attendance reporting tasks, Sling is at the top of the list of the best time and attendance monitoring applications. With Sling, you can manage requests for time off, availability, and shift swaps without gathering, sorting, and compiling a stack of paper. You can create your employees' schedules in minutes as opposed to hours.

Additionally, Sling has a unique feature that allows any phone, tablet, or computer to function as a time clock. Thanks to it, your staff can clock in and out of shifts without clogging up a central terminal. Sling tells you even when an employee is late or forgets to clock in. And that's just the start of what Sling offers to assist you in improving staff management.


A time clock is effortlessly integrated into Inch, a strong voice-activated program for staff management and optimization. Inch allows your staff to check in and out of shifts via their phones or a specific terminal mounted in a vehicle or at each site, which is how employees clock in and out of their workdays. For even more insight into their process, they can track time-on-task when it differs from usual work hours.

Employees of both online and in-person teams can complete a range of tasks directly from their tablet or phone, including:

1.  Getting voice-activated reminder alerts using a shared task list.

2. Total time worked is being recorded.

3.  Clocking in and out of jobs at various places fulfilling the tasks entrusted to them

4.  Clarifying the job that needs to be done by interacting with one another and the managers

Similar to Sling, Inch lets you create geofences around your place of business or a remote job site so that, if an employee is beyond those bounds, they won't be able to clock in until they cross into the proper space.

The Inch app, which gives managers new levels of control, may be used as a payroll processing tool, a communication channel, a distribution channel, a task assignment and management channel, and more.

With Inch's information, you'll learn more about how your team functions and how to enhance workflow to boost performance.

While the time and attendance monitoring capabilities of Inch and Sling are comparable, Sling provides more advanced scheduling and labor management features that are exclusive to Sling.

Use Sling and Inch together for the best of all worlds—scheduling, time and attendance tracking, task management, and much more—and watch your team's productivity soar.



The most excellent online time and attendance tool are Connecteam, which provides a comprehensive mobile-first solution so managers can effectively manage their businesses from any location. Better tracking efficiency is made possible by Connecteam's essential online time and attendance features, and its Breadcrumbs technology lets you track your employees' movements throughout the day 4.    Timely 

With Timely, you can monitor your team's productivity and time management from a single dashboard. With actual KPI tracking, you can track team performance in essential parameters like capacity. To track how time is spent, create an adjustable tagging system. Spot missing hours quickly, and alert everybody who has to log their hours. Numerous applications, like Asana, Toggl, Freshservice, Todoist, Trello, Wrike, and others, are effortlessly integrated with the Timely time and attendance app.


Using the Paycom time and attendance tracking app, managers and staff can:

1 Using a timesheet app, enter and submit hours for review.

2. Online editing and approval are available anytime, anywhere. 3. control and stop buddy punching and inaccurate reporting of time.

4. To avoid entering all the information again, set approved times to sync automatically with payroll tools across the system. Additionally, Paycom provides employees with access to their schedules so they may designate their availability and swap or take over shifts with co-workers.


Although requiring employees to use paper timesheets can seem like the most straightforward approach to managing these factors, the truth is that this practice will ultimately harm your company.

A digital time and attendance monitoring app like Sling, Inch, or Workday is the ideal answer.

Using Workday, you'll never have to rerun a correction payroll and avoid pricey overtime and labor issues. Additionally, your employees won't object to you using the Workday time and attendance tracking tool because it is simple to use.

Even though this program has recordkeeping features similar to Sling, it is missing additional organizational tools like scheduling, communication, artificial intelligence, etc.

Bamboo HR 

You can do away with old punch cards, timesheets, and exhausting days spent figuring out how many hours your staff works with the BambooHR time and attendance monitoring tool.

Instead, you and your team will benefit from features like:

1. a single clocking-in/clocking-out screen compatible with smartphones

2. Editing hours are possible.

3. Time on-task monitoring

BambooHR even uses automated reminders to keep everyone current, so you don't have to be concerned about missed entries, an erroneous paycheck, or last-minute data entry consuming your weekend.

 The app also includes project monitoring to boost productivity and efficiency in your company. Employees track their hours under distinct categories such as task, job, client, or place.

Once you have that data, you may easily construct analytical reports to assess resource distribution, billable vs. non-billable hours, time management, and other topics.

Even though BambooHR is a flexible time and attendance tracking tool, it still falls short of Sling's capability and adaptability, especially regarding scheduling, team task management, and communication.

Justworks Hours

All the time and attendance tracking applications on this list are intended to reduce wasted time in the workplace, whether it be yours or your colleagues, so you, your team, and your company can increase productivity and workflow efficiency.

Justworks Hours accomplishes this. It can:

1. Create automatic notifications and reminders.

2. Adapt the regulations for overtime and breaks.

3. Create location-based services to enable more precise clocking in and out.

4. Data synchronization with payroll suppliers


Toggle offers straightforward work monitoring and robust reporting. Each timer, monitoring notifications, over 100 software solution integrations, a project dashboard, billable rates, and the ability to be set up on any gadget are just a few of its fundamental features.

What a Time Attendance App Should Have

If you are searching for what an attendance app should have, then keep an eye on the following characteristics and features:

Usefulness: The time attendance software is simple to set up and has a simple user interface. It can be altered to fit your team configurations and shift preferences.

Quick login: It enables your staff to log in swiftly and efficiently so they can clock in and out immediately. Your employees can clock in and out of their shifts using this feature.

Absences administration: A time and attendance app should track your employees' absences in addition to what the name might imply.

Payroll management: It enables you to integrate payroll software or export data for payroll.

Price: It is affordable and fits your spending plan.

Support: It has good customer service to assist you with any problems.

Are you weary of keeping records to track employee time and attendance information?

If so, it's time you transitioned to mobile apps for tracking employee attendance. Mobile apps for tracking employee logins and capturing data update employee attendance records in real time. You can save time and manual labor by using employee attendance tracking apps, but you can also save the environment. Less paperwork equals less damage to the environment.

Also this will:

1. Improve employee satisfaction

We know that younger individuals have distinct wants, thoughts, and ideals. Therefore, it is necessary to use the current technology to satisfy the demands of the modern workforce. These workers would prefer a mobile time-tracking app over a desktop one. Additionally, these apps shield employees from management interference and give them complete control over how they organize their time and work. Because modern people adore autonomy, complete autonomy is ensured.

2. Trustworthy Accuracy Staff Self-Service

The employee only needs to tap the clock-in button on their smartphone for you to receive precise and detailed attendance information. Selfie attendance is a feature that many time and attendance management programs include to stop time theft, buddy punching, and other related issues. Additionally, for precise timekeeping, time monitoring software enables employees to clock in early and out late and sends automatic reminders to the HR managers.

Why building an attendance-tracking app on your own will be more beneficial?

1. Nowadays, firms must measure their employees' time accurately. Businesses could lose money if the precise timing of field force employees is not monitored.

2. However, by employing this mobile attendance system, businesses may make tracking employee time more efficient, reduce employee time theft, and free up HR      management to concentrate on other duties.

3. Building an attendance app on your own helps you customize the site according to your will, and you can also put as many features as you want in your app, like It     will also help you track every employee's attendance in the field force.

4. it will eliminate the need for documentation for tracking and documenting attendance.


To build your attendance tracking app, Zorp will help you create and design one. Zorp will provide you with the best possible customer experience.

Features of Zorp

1. Logical app creator and drag-and-drop interface with a list of more than 20 components is available. Create your app's screen in a few minutes.

2. A robust REST API adapter can connect your app to unique data sources and outside tools.

3. Increase the capability of your app by using JavaScript to do data transformations and other tasks. You won't be constrained by what's pre-installed.

4. Built-in mechanisms for several users and roles eliminate the need to write it in code. Access control is available right away.

5. Without writing a single line of code, you can incorporate tasks' power into your program. And you and your team can complete any work.

6. You have access to a variety of actions to automate your processes.


Stop force-fitting your mission-control processes to standard solutions. Discover how.

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
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👉 Use only what you need, we do not disrupt your existing flows

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