Build a Battery Swapping App

If you run a battery swapping network, you can easily build an app for battery swapping operations using Zorp.

Let's look at how to build native Android and iOS apps for Battery Swapping operations in 20 minutes using Zorp. All it takes is a few minutes on your computer to build the app and you can do it without coding.

What is Battery Swapping?

Batteries and Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles run on batteries. These batteries hold charge that help the bikes move. There is a fixed amount of charge that each battery can hold. Depending on the size of the battery and model of the scooter, the batteries can help you travel from a few kilometers to a few hundreds of kilometers

Charging a Battery

The batteries of an electric vehicle can be charged by

  • Connecting them to the electric network via a charger
  • Replacing their battery

Difference between charging vs swapping

Charging as a process takes a few hours to complete. In the charging process, the vehicle needs to be idle for the battery to charge. This works if the charging process typically happens overnight. Else, the owner needs to take significant time out in their travel so the battery is charged.

In case of a Battery swapping process, we swap the discharged battery in the vehicle with a charged battery. The discharged battery is then charged independently so it can be used in the next cycle for another/same vehicle. This ensures that the vehicle does not spend much time idle.

Advantages of Battery Swapping

Here are some of the advantages of battery swapping

  • Battery swapping saves a lot of time during travel since the battery can be charged independently.
  • Since most of the batteries are charged and discharged fully, it also improves the life of the battery
  • It is useful when the user travels for long distances and need not worry about not finding a charging point

Disadvantages of Battery Swapping

Here are some disadvantages in battery swapping

  • Battery swapping needs a network of locations that provide charged batteries.
  • It also means that more batteries should be in circulation than the number of vehicles. Since EV batteries are expensive, it increases the overall cost.

Building a Battery Swapping app

If you run a battery swapping network, you can easily build an app for battery swapping operations using Zorp.

The sample process flow of battery swapping operations is given below.

Battery Swapping Operations Process Flow.
Battery Swapping Operations Process Flow

In order to build the battery swapping app, sign up to Zorp, and create a workflow.

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