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July 9, 2021

Building Mobile Apps for Internal Teams

July 9, 2021

Building Mobile Apps for Internal Teams

Bala Panneerselvam
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When you form a 2X2 matrix of things that are urgent/important, your internal apps fall right into Important but not urgent. This is a dangerous zone. Your technology teams are always swamped with urgent things to do, they never get to do things that are important but not urgent. That's why most internal teams still work with Sheets and Whatsapp. And even if some teams end up building a product, it's still a makeshift option rather than an actual product.

Building Internal Apps

Tools like Retool and Appsmith have made it very easy to build internal apps for web. It is relatively simpler to create those workflows with these tools and they have drastically reduced the time to go live. Do you know that 50% of engineering resources are spent in building internal tools?

But when it comes to mobile workforce, businesses are still struggling. It's tricky to manage a mobile team because you need,

  • The ability to control the work being done on the ground
  • The ability to manage a lot more than simple reading and publishing data - Assignments, routing, batching
  • The ability to clearly understand what is happening on the ground - A robust reporting framework.

Without all of these, any option we provide will again be simply a makeshift option rather than solving the problem entirely.

With these constraints, it is hard to build and maintain applications that are needed for every new business use case. That is where spending the time in building the tools takes a lot of time and effort.

The way we solve this at Zorp is to change the atomic unit of design. Instead of designing the mobile apps from scratch every time, we change the atomic unit to a component that is of a higher order. This reduces the time to build these applications to a matter of few minutes than the months it takes to build something like this natively.

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Know about what are internal tools and why are they important.

If you are interested in using Zorp for your mobile workforce or simply curious to know more, do reach out at bala@zorp.one or sign up on www.zorp.one.

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