Daily Standup App on Zorp

Every weekday, each member of our team receives an alert at 10:25 AM to update their daily progress

We love using our own product within the company. That's why we've created an app for our daily standup on Zorp.

Every weekday, each member of our team receives an alert at 10:25 AM to update their daily progress. No matter where each team member is, she can send the update under a minute with the Zorp app.

We built this app in 5 minutes. Here's how the application works.

Not just this, any kind of issue reporting, sending an internal note, todos can be created on Zorp. Using these applications everyday helps us stay on top of our product performance.

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Stop force-fitting your mission-control processes to standard solutions. Discover how.

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
👉 Customize to fit your ops
👉 Use only what you need, we do not disrupt your existing flows

What happens next?

1. We schedule a call as per your calendar
2. We discover what use cases ZORP can solve
3. We prepare a proposal

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