Digitize your mobile sales team with Zorp

A majority of companies do not have a choice but to manage their field sales teams using paper

Do you even use paper anymore? I definitely don't. But a majority of companies do not have a choice but to manage their field sales teams using paper. Some of them are lucky enough to graduate to Google Sheets.

Working with paper or sheets significantly reduces the efficiency of your sales teams. A typical sales team goes to the customer, collects the data (taking picture on their phone, updating a form etc), come back to their office and start entering information into their system. A typical mobile sales person spends 1-2 hours a day doing this redundant work. Now imagine what happens if there's an error. The same process needs to be repeated again.

Sales teams should focus on sales. Everything else should just work. They should be empowered by technology that makes their life easier. A great sales employee is augmented by a digital application which they can easily access on their phone and that can tell them where to go, what to collect, what to verify and how to validate all real-time.

Typically, a business invests in 3-5 engineers working on it for 3-6 months to build such products. And off-the-shelf products tend to fail mostly because your business requirements are unique. You need to be able to decide which process works for your business and not the other way.

That's why we have created Zorp. Zorp is a no-code solution that provides a drag and drop interface for you to create process flows and mobile applications to execute such processes. Here's a short video of a mobile sales application that is created using Zorp.

The best part, this entire application was created with simple drag and drop within 15 minutes.

That's all it takes. Don't write a single line of code. Have your mobile application ready in a few minutes and automate your sales teams on the same day.

This is not it. Zorp provides complete flexibility in changing your process.

Want to collect an additional doc? - Done
Want to have an OTP verification? - Done
Want to send the data realtime to your internal CRM? - Done

All these can happen in minutes without any restrictions like coding, deploying or app updates. It just works!

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