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Built with Zorp
May 14, 2022

Expense Management App on Zorp

Built with Zorp
May 14, 2022

Expense Management App on Zorp

Afrid Shanavaz
Growth Specialist
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If you want to build a product that's relevant to people, you need to put yourself in their shoes
-Jack Dorsey

We at Zorp also follow the same principle. We try to use our product for any use case that suits our need. One such example is the Standup Task.
Every morning our team uses Zorp to do a Standup Task about the updates of their work.


Following this, we created an App on Zorp for us to be able to track the Expenses from our Offsite Goa trip and send the expense details to our CA over e-mail right from the Expense Management task.

Fun Fact: This app was built upon an open challenge by one of our Founders to build it in less than 5 minutes.

Watch the Video to know what happened to the challenge:

With ZORP, businesses can build apps for any physical workflows in minutes. With the expense management app, we wanted to

  • Collect Expense details from the customer
  • Send the updated details as an email to the CA.

Collecting expense details

Collecting expense details involves collecting the following data

  • Expense type - Type of expense made like food, travel etc
  • Amount - The amount spent in local currency
  • Image - Picture of the bill
  • Date - Date when the expense was made
  • User - Who made the expense

All these details can be collected easily via the ZORP mobile app. Users can drag and drop

Sending Email

For pushing the data as an email, we use Sendgrid.

Sendgrid lets us send emails programmatically. The SendGrid API can be added to the API Actions in the ZORP portal and done!

The whole process does not take more than 5 minutes to build and use.

What do you want to build next? Sign up to ZORP right now.

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