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Built with Zorp
September 6, 2021

Best way to build field sales app

Built with Zorp
September 6, 2021

Best way to build field sales app

Afrid Shanavaz
Growth Specialist
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Hey Guys! We all know how important it is to sell. Selling is more important than building. When your product does not reach the customers then the efforts and hard work put into building it goes for a toss. In this post, let's see how we can build a simple field sales app using Zorp.

With the growing interest and revolution in the Internet and the Social media industry it is still not very effective in Sales conversion when you compare it to meeting your potential customers face to face rather and running Ads on social media platforms that the customers use. This outreach of salespersons who are on the ground meeting potential customers and clients is known as Field Sales.

What happens in Field Sales and How to improve it?

When a person sets foot on ground to sell a product they would probably to know all about the product. But the problem with Field sales is how to increase your conversion for the Field Sales activity.
The way to do this is not a Vanilla solution but an iterative data-backed customer segment selection.

Scenario A : John went to an Apartment building and was able to meet 100 houses and tried to sell product A where 45 houses understood the value of the product and bought it.
The rest 54 customers were either disinterested or felt that the product was overpriced.

Scenario B: Micheal visited a row-house gated community and was able to meet 40 houses and sold in 30 houses and the rest 10 were not interested in the product.

So as an Area Sales Manager what do you understand?
1. Your product is much more appreciated in a Row-House community than a Apartment building. - Income based insight of the people
2. If you want to convert more people in the Apartments as it has more volume for sales you need to have a more discounted pricing.

All these insights for the Area Sales manager are from the conversations that John and Micheal had at the customer locations.
So this data is based on observations of Micheal and John and not the raw data from the customers that the Manger would have wanted.

The manager would be able to make more sound decisions if he had data on:
Customer Location, Occupation, Family size, Location of house, Sale done/not, Reason for sale not closed, Feedback on product etc.

How can we collect this data effectively?

Data is very essential in any business and thats what the manager here is not able to get from his customers. What he needs is an App where Micheal and John could have entered the inputs right from the field and the manager gets realtime updates on the sale to make quick and swift data backed decisions.

Building an App for a Sales team would not be cost effective and it takes a lot of time to build an App from scratch.

Sales teams can use No-code Solutions like ZORP to build tools easily within a few minutes and Go-Live saving Money and Time. The best part is that you get to customise the apps with an easy Drag-and-Drop Builder and any changes made are live with a click of a Button.

How to Build a Field Sales App on Zorp

To Build a Field Sales App you have 3 parts:
1. Understanding your Sales Operations process.
2. Figuring out the pre-requisite information to build the app.
3. Knowing the data you want to collect using the Field Sales app.

Checkout this blog to understand how to plan your operations process

Building an App on Zorp is very easy:
1. Build your workflows on our Workflow Builder with a Drag and Drop UI.
2. Know the datafields you want to have in your Application.
3. Add components and configure the screens based on your necessity.
A Field sales app would mostly have a Form based flow. On Zorp you have multiple components that help you do this effectively.
a. Text Input
b. Number Input
c. Radio
d. Dropdown and Checkbox
e. Image Upload
f. File Upload
g. Signature
h. Payment

You can watch this Video to understand how we built a Field Sales App in a few minutes and how we integrated a data management system onto Zorp so that you have your data in realtime.


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