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February 17, 2023

Cracking the Field Sales Strategy for your Business that works!

February 17, 2023

Cracking the Field Sales Strategy for your Business that works!

Afrid Shanavaz
Growth Specialist
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A Field Sales App for your Business

Build an app for your business to get real-time updates from your field team.

We are way past the period where all a sales process involved was going to the market, finding prospects, converting leads and collecting feedback on the go. This is not just a digital age but also a post-covid era where companies need to innovate to stand the ground. The sales processes have become more complex, there is a shift in customer purchase pattern with people making purchases online.

Yet, field sales is an indispensable part of the sales strategy for companies with complex products to bring in the human touch and understanding, build lasting relationships and collect data.

Strategy that works?

1- Flexibility is the key

Directly engaging with customers and prospects needs your team to think quick and respond quicker, having a process in place is an ideal solution accompanied with flexibility in the scope of functioning to churn the best. The standardized rules can be counter productive as a complex sales process is not ideal to a dynamic sales environment.

2- Training and Development programs

Investing in your field sales rep professional development, training and equipping them with the right assets goes a long way. Right tools and methods can also help sales managers to identify the right kind of training required for each rep in the team.

3- Automate administrative and repetitive tasks

A busy day in the life of a sales rep involves communicating to prospects, turning them into leads, and capturing sales. Repetitive tasks that can be easily automated can quickly become the downfall of productivity. Managers need to make sure their teams are not tied up with investing a lot of their time in vanity tasks.

4- Improve Transparency and communication

Gain access to tools that provide powerful insights and enable real-time communication on any device, as well as location reporting or tracking for sales reps. You can also include feedback logging. This not only makes your sales rep lives easier but gives the organization enough data to get a hold on the decision making.

Field sales can prove to be a win for the companies. A little motivation to the team and a little boost with the right tools is all you need. You can build your own field sales application with the Zorp get-started in 10 minutes template.

When you see a happy team and good traction > lean forward.

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