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August 16, 2023

How to create a free mobile inspection app

August 16, 2023

How to create a free mobile inspection app

Bala Panneerselvam
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Building a mobile inspection app is no longer a task reserved solely for developers. With platforms like ZORP, even those without coding skills can create complex inspection apps tailored to specific business needs. This guide provides an in-depth look at how to use ZORP to create a free mobile inspection app. It covers everything from choosing a template to configuring screens and previewing the application before deployment.

Step 1: Understanding Workflows in ZORP

Workflows are the blueprint of tasks in ZORP. You can create workflows from scratch, use a template, or even import a Google Form and convert it into a workflow with one click12.

1.1 Using Templates

  • Selecting a Template: ZORP offers various templates to start with. For example, for a warehouse inward workflow, simply click on the desired template, and it will render instantly2.
  • Customizing Components: Within the template, you'll find pre-configured components that you can modify according to your needs2.
  • Previewing: Once done with customization, click on "Preview" to see the workflow. This helps you test the workflow before making it live2.

1.2 Creating from Scratch

  • Starting Fresh: If templates don't fit your needs, start from scratch by clicking on "New Workflow" in the workforce section1.
  • Importing Google Forms: An additional feature in ZORP allows you to import Google Forms and convert them into workflows in a single click1.

Step 2: Configuring Mobile App Screens

Configuring the screens is an essential part of building a mobile inspection app. Here's how to do it in ZORP:

  • Accessing Screen Nodes: Click on the Node to open the full view of the screen3.
  • Using Components: On the left, you'll find various components that you can use to design the screen3.
  • Applying Configurations: On the right, there are configurations applicable to the screen itself3.
  • Understanding Individual Components: Dive into each component and configure them according to your inspection app's requirements3.

Step 3: Previewing Your Application

Previewing your application is a crucial step to ensure that it is working as intended before publishing4.

  • Previewing Changes: Click on "Preview" to see the application as it will run on a user's mobile app4.
  • Show Task Details: An important option in previewing is "Show Task Details." When creating a task, you can see not only the app but also other details of how the task will be displayed4.

Step 4: Additional Features

ZORP offers various additional features that can be leveraged in creating a mobile inspection app:

  • Working with Transitions: Control the flow of the workflow by defining transitions3.
  • Role-Based Transition Visibility: Set up visibility rules based on user roles3.
  • Automation: Utilize different types of automations to enhance the functionality of your inspection app3.

Step 5: Publish and Deploy

After thorough testing and review, you are ready to publish the workflow and deploy it to users' mobile devices.

  • Publishing: Make the workflow live so that it can be accessed by users3.
  • Deployment: Ensure that users have the necessary access to use the inspection app on their mobile devices3.


Creating a mobile inspection app with ZORP is a streamlined process that empowers individuals and businesses to create custom solutions without the need for extensive coding skills. By following this comprehensive guide, you can design, test, and deploy a professional-grade mobile inspection app tailored to your specific requirements.

  1. Creating your First Workflow
  2. How to use Templates to create workflows
  3. How to work with Mobile Screens
  4. How to Preview your application

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