23 Best HVAC Apps for Service Technicians in 2024

This curated 2024 list includes everything from the most recent HVAC business apps to cutting-edge HVAC calculators and utility apps.


HVAC software enables service technicians to adopt digital invoicing, use rapid dispatching and planning services, provide customers with GPS tracking, and effectively leverage accounting technologies in the office and the field.

HVAC technicians and supervisors require immediate and accurate information. Although, your smartphone is your best friend! You must ensure that you have the necessary applications to help with your job.

To simplify tasks for service technicians, we have compiled a list of the top HVAC apps for service technicians.

These applications can assist you with the following:

  • Business
  • Calculating
  • Learning and
  • Utility

What Are HVAC Apps?

HVAC apps enable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) businesses to run smoothly by controlling all service activities. These applications automate field service planning and workforce management, from collecting service request information to scheduling and dispatching field personnel. You are prepared to provide the ideal service experience to your consumers and gain a competitive edge in the growing business.

23 Best HVAC Apps for Service Technicians in 2024

Listed below are the 25 best HVAC apps for service technicians in 2024

A List of HAVC Business Apps:

1. Breezeworks

This HVAC business application streamlines and secures scheduling, communication, and billing processes. The scheduling app is a one-stop resource for any HVAC professional. It keeps HVAC firms' client data up to date and notifies them when services are necessary. It will inform the employee's successes as soon as they finish fixing any section of the HVAC system.

2. Jobber

With its extensive features, Jobber assists you in expanding your HVAC business. Through an online interface, your clients can accept or reject estimates. The admin user can monitor the work status and search the whole client history. In terms of payment, clients can pay past-due invoices using a credit card.

3. FleetSharp

FleetSharp is a fleet management solution that uses GPS to assist you in locating, monitoring, and tracking the efficiency of your work cars.

FleetSharp can help you save money on gasoline by planning out more effective routes, and it can also help you wow consumers by responding to emergency HVAC calls faster. This is one of the HVAC business apps that can also give you mobile notifications if your employees engage in risky driving or excessive idling.

4. ESC Mobile Tech

This is one of the best HVAC service apps that helps with invoice production, job scheduling, and dispatch information updates. It also enables professionals and customers to connect and discuss problems and feedback directly.

5. NiceJob

When considering an HVAC company, customers check for favorable reviews. NiceJob allows you to request user reviews to boost your internet reputation and increase sales. When a job is done, it sends a review request to the customer. NiceJob will remind consumers who are slow to review. This is one the best HVAC apps that allows you to turn these ratings into stories shared on social media.

6. Evernote 

You're not just taking notes for yourself using this HVAC app. You also use them for commercial purposes, such as internal meetings or ongoing education.

Evernote can sync notes across different devices and facilitates staff collaboration. There are also options like templates, document scanning, pdf and document search, and connectors that will make accessing and importing information easier.

7. Mailchimp

You can use this app to handle your email marketing and social media. The app assists you in automating marketing tasks and growing your business. FielEdge has a Mailchimp integration. You can use this to automate your communication operations. Data runs directly from FieldEdge into the email platform. Create send lists and Mailchimp HVAC mobile app automated emails to attract leads and grow your company.

A List of HVAC Calculator Apps:

1. HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is intended to ensure that your field personnel operates safely and effectively. With its capacity to handle refrigerant charging as well as diagnostics, this is one the best all-in-one apps for HVAC service that simplifies work. This app can be used to analyze and calculate the refrigerant charge while repairing any HVAC system.

2. HVAC Check and Charge

This HVAC app calculates refrigerant charges for air conditioning and refrigerant systems. This application does calculations using classic sliding cardboard charge calculators. The contractors can calculate the system refrigerant charge. This app is used to compute airflow, sub-cooling, superheat, and other parameters.

3. HVAC Superheat Calculator

This HVAC app is useful for HVACR diagnosis and service. It can compute the target superheat for superheat, sub-cooling for 26 refrigerants, fixed orifice expansion devices, airflow calculations, and psychrometric calculations for field service HVACR equipment.

4. HyTools

This HVAC app converts units for field personnel who operate with heating and cooling systems. HyTools offers HVAC system optimization by utilizing the app's various hydronic calculations. This covers valve size and presetting, estimating radiator power, calculating dirt and air separator pressure loss, and more.

5. HVAC Duct Sizers

The MeasureQuick HVAC mobile app makes it easy to examine air conditioning and heating terminology. Its built-in checklists assist firms in developing uniformity among field personnel. The application contains job data and equipment that can be accessed while working.

6. MeasureQuick

MeasureQuick is the best HVAC troubleshooting app to analyze air conditioning terms and heating issues. Its in-built checklists help businesses to develop consistency among field workers. The app stores job details and equipment that can be retrieved during the ongoing work process. 

A List of HVAC Utility Apps:

1. iHandy Level

This is the best HVAC mobile app. HVAC experts can operate unhindered around acute curves and slopes thanks to a realistic calibration feature on their mobile devices. If you're a first-time user, iHandy Level contains calibration instructions to help you.

2. Refrigerant Slider

The Refrigerant Slider application is a simple and cost-effective pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter. The app's extensive description of the various refrigerant kinds will provide you with a wealth of information. The Refrigerant Slider app enables HVAC field personnel to access critical information such as the ozone-depleting potential of refrigerant materials and global warming potential.

3. HVACR Check & Charge 

HVACR Check & Charge is mostly used to compute refrigerant charges. When you start the app, you will be prompted to select between heating, cooling, and altering the airflow. You don't have to compute the change while using this HVAC mobile app manually.

4. HVAC Load Plus

This is one of the best apps for HVAC service for the mobile workforce. Field personnel can use HVAC Load Plus to size cooling and heating systems and report the results to consumers. This data can be forwarded to the back office for extensive analysis. This saves time as technicians can enter data in the field and promptly analyze it at the back office.

A List of HVAC Learning Apps

1. HVAC Test Pro

HVAC Test Pro allows you to study HVAC flashcards and take practice exams for free. You can use the HVAC app to maintain your team's HVAC knowledge or to prepare for HVAC certification examinations. With thorough score reports, the app records your progress and indicates which areas of skill you need to concentrate on.

2. HVAC Flashcards

This is one of the top HVAC service apps that will assist you in better-understanding HVAC technology, terminology, and theories. All subjects presented in the HVAC examination are covered by over 1000 ready-to-use flashcards divided into five groups. Another useful feature is the option to make your flashcards and keep them on your mobile device to ensure you concentrate on your weak areas.

3. SkillCat

SkillCat is an online HVAC trade school that allows new HVAC technicians to learn from the comfort of their own homes. The SkillCat app provides access to HVAC and job site safety training, boot camps, 3D job site simulations, and online support personnel. It can also assist you in getting into the market by allowing you to create a free résumé and also displays job openings in your sector.

4. HVAC School

It is a free community app that gathers and distributes current HVAC/R training materials and industry expertise.

This app is ideal for any HVAC technician interested in professional development, as it includes podcasts, quizzes, videos, and other tools.

5. HVAC Practice Test

The HVAC Practice Test is one of the essential instructional apps for your smartphone. This HVAC home app allows users to track their progress, brush up on the newest topic, and even challenge others.

This app provides budding engineers with questions on topics penned by HVAC specialist educators. Users can track their weaknesses and strengths using the in-app statistics.

6. Bluon HVAC

This HVAC app includes calculators, a pressure test kit, an airflow meter, and much more. It has instructions and videos for new users. The application integrates practice guides for HVAC test processes and theories.

This app includes a collection of documents and service instructions to assist service personnel in completing their responsibilities on time. A technician form can be used to discover and solve particular issues.


Getting overwhelmed by ton of HVAC apps available online? Start by picking applications that will address any shortcomings in your business. As your requirements evolve and your business expands, you can try out new applications to find what works best for you and your service technicians.

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