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Inside Zorp
October 6, 2021

Introducing ZORP

Inside Zorp
October 6, 2021

Introducing ZORP

Bala Panneerselvam
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The best companies in the world move fast.

I would like to expand that a bit. The best companies in the world move fast with control.

Your ability to rapidly iterate and execute with quality has a high correlation to your success as a business. 84% of the world's working population does not work at a desk. They are off-desk building products or providing service to customers. But barely 1% of the world's software are built for them.

Even in the current world where someone can launch a new business on the internet and start making money in a matter of hours, the biggest avenue to manage the off-desk workflow is Google Sheets and Whatsapp groups.

I have been building products for Operations for a while now. The story is always the same. We start with running operations on Spreadsheets, Whatsapp groups and forms. The lucky few companies that can spend money and time, invest in an Engineering team and build the products over a period of years. So unless you, as a business, are prepared to spend significant amount of time, money and resources, it is difficult to run a high quality process.

I wish I had a platform where I can build these products quick and with quality. It wasn't there. So, we are building it.

What do we do?

We are creating the infrastructure on which all operations can be run. We create the ability for companies run the process they want without being constrained by tools or by development resources.

A business that figures out how to move fast with changing expectations while maintaining a high quality will be unstoppable. We want to be the engine that powers this.

Zorp enables businesses to build products for off-desk workforce, in minutes.

What does it mean for our customers?

We believe that every business is unique. And every business needs products that cater to their own unique use case. We simply shorten the amount of time someone needs to spend to build these unique products.

Do you want to run a food delivery or collect documents from customers or move an ecommerce package? Get started in a matter of hours rather than waiting for months.

We believe, every business in the world should have the ability to run the most efficient Operations irrespective of their cashflow or resources.

We are really excited about building the product that has simplicity at its core but can handle complex process flows our customers need. If you can relate to the problems above, we want to talk to you. Write to bala@zorp.one or DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

We are Zorp. Join us.

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