Launching Automatic API docs generation

Zorp automatically generates API documentation for create, transit, update, deletion of tasks with the latest update.
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We're really excited to showcase our latest feature! - Automatic API docs generation for Zorp workflows.

See it in action here:

There are 4 ways of creation tasks on Zorp

  • From the Zorp mobile app directly (When you have the permissions)
  • From the Dashboard single task creation
  • From the Dashboard Bulk task creation
  • Via APIs

The API based task generation has always been available. Now, we have created a way for the API documentation to be automatically generated. Every time you publish a Zorp workflow, we automatically create the necessary API docs to create/update/delete/list/transit the Zorp tasks.

You can also download the API examples as a postman collection and use it for testing.

We hope this helps you integrate the Zorp APIs easily with your existing systems. As usual, let us know what you think by writing to

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