My Operations is unique. I have to build this myself.

I agree. Having built products for Operations for the better part of my career. I fundamentally believe that this is right.

To be frank, not all operations are unique. Not all the way. I see that 80-90% of operational workflows are the same. Only in the last 10% they are uniquely different. But again, you can't manage your process with 80% good product. And frankly, 3rd party tools are built in a way where it can't solve 100% of your requirements.

I think every business needs to build its own products to manage its workforce. And that is the principles of what we are doing with Zorp. At Zorp, we do not make any assumptions on what you need. We believe you are the right person to determine what is right for your business. We only focus on giving you the right tools so you can do it quickly and efficiently.

At Zorp, we provide the building blocks that any off-desk operations team needs to build its product. Tying in these blocks into a specific flow is done by our users. By providing powerful highly actionable blocks that can be plugged into our system, we can enable businesses to build applications in a matter of minutes that typically take months or years to build.

So yes, we believe that you need to build your own products. We just make it incredibly faster to build and maintain.

Want to know how AI can improve reliability and efficiency in your maintenance process?

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
👉 Customize to fit your ops
👉 Integrate with your existing tools

What happens next?

1. We schedule a call as per your calendar
2. We discover what use cases ZORP can solve
3. We prepare a proposal

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