Top 15 no-code website builders For 2022-23

Using these best no-code website builders to create insane websites and landing pages. Adopt the no-code development approach and save time

Dream to have a website but coding sucks? Hey, you are living in 2022 and now you can easily turn your dream website into reality with no code website builder. 

A website builder is an online software that allows you to create websites without manual coding or editing. If you don't need to learn to code, you can say it's a tool or program that helps you create your own website.

Today, a business owner or blogger can create a website without hiring a web developer and asking for a professional design.

With a no code website builder it's definitely easy for him to create a website, but it doesn't magically make sense. Learning how to run a professional website is important. The best builders should offer ease of use, lots of free themes, mobile compatibility, customer support, email marketing services, and affordable prices.

Then you have to choose a template. A template should suit you in that it can be easily customized to suit your business needs. Review template responsiveness, basic structure, industry, and appearance. Then select a color scheme and update the template colors to match your website's color scheme.

Top 15 no-code website builders in 2022-23

1. Wix

Wix is a pall- grounded no-code website structure tool. It has a large number of customizable templates and plugins that allow druggies to produce beautiful and responsive websites. Wix is a leading website builder in no code word. This is the best option for small businesses and aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. You will be amazed to know that about 2.3 % of the web pages across the internet are designed through Wix and still growing successfully. 

Wix has soo much to offer you such as:

  • 900 + templates to customize your own website design and coordinate with your desired themes 
  • Convenient to use and design as its interface is smooth to start the process
  • Editing is all through drop and drag operation 
  • Various SEO inbuilt tools are open in free version 
  • Huge media collection in website builder no code
  • Perfect to go if you want to start with blogging
  • Its own app store with access to great tools and applications that can be used in improving the website 
  • Your site would be safe and secure with 24/7 client support 

Despite being at the top, Wix lag behind in some area makes you suck 

  • If you wish to change the template, you may ask to start all over again from scratch. 
  • There is the single-site premium policy which means you need to buy different premiums for the different websites even if it constructed under Wix. 
  • Wix tends to face backlog when it comes to the mobile version as its  mobile version is not activated or synchronized so far 


  • VIP: ₹ 325/month
  • Unlimited: ₹ 185/month
  • Combo: ₹ 125/month
  • Connect Domain: ₹ 80/month

2. Webflow

It would be an insightful choice if you want a website as a designer. With web flow, you will end up with a stunning professional website. This is popularly recognized as Photoshop of web design, 

At webflow you can launch your webpage absolutely free and operate many fantastic tools and features. Unlike Wix, here you can edit your template anytime without strain. 

Webflow provides you:

  • Fast and optimized website 
  • You can track and analyze whatever activity takes place 
  • Free Maintainance assistance is provided as it has three versions of the free plan. 
  • Free SSL certification installed by Webflow that offers tight security of your hosted domain. 
  • At this you can easily proceed with your monetary transactions
  • Strong SEO support 

But while using webflow you might feel confused due to its diverse plan and it takes effort to be clear of it and it is a bit challenging to use for website builders with no code. 


  • Starter: Free
  • Basic: $ 14/month
  • CMS: $ 23/month
  • Business: $ 39/month

3. Squarespace 

Are you looking for a website that upvotes your personal branding and accelerates the process of lead generation by amazing portfolio building?  If yes, Squarespace is a right space for you 

Let me tell you why, here is its uniqueness: 

  • Reliable and trusted Customer support 
  • Various styles are available in the template collection, you can easily choose one as per your niche. 
  • Wait! it has a mobile-optimized version 
  • Interconnected with social media, payment domains 
  • Access to wonderful marketing tools 
  • Editing seems easy because the drop and drag tool 

Its only shortcoming is being tricky to use and secondly great for beginners and too limited when it comes to advanced customization. 


  • Individual: $16/Month
  • Business: $26/Month
  • Basic trade: $30/Month
  • Advanced trade: $46

4. Zyro 

Zyro is one of the easiest for ultimate beginners, in no time your website will be there in front of you. This no-code website builder is hosted by Hostinger.  Its AI tools and assistance make it more convenient to go ahead. 

  • Zyro is integrated with Unsplash for the template collection 
  • No so-called transaction will be charged to you 
  • If you are very new to the business world and looking for ideas for logos that promote your brand values, you will be glad to know that Zyro provides you a logo maker tools. 
  • You will get complete live support at all times.

But ever you wished to change your template designs then you can`t and if SEO is your concern then Zyro is missing some important tools related to SEO. In the case of SEO, it is so limited 


  • Website: $2.90/month
  • Business: $4.90/month
  • Advanced Store: $15.90/month

5. WordPress

When it comes to website building, especially for blogging WordPress is the very first name that comes to our minds 

First, it was known as a blog site later on people got a wonderful surprise at WordPress as a website builder no coding knowledge was needed for it.  

WordPress is a wonder for the absolute beginner as it offers:

  • Full guide regarding website and interface is so easy to use 
  • With the amazing grand extended functions, sites and plugins it has great SEO context. Your website will be google friendly. Around 5400 plugins are open for your user with minimal charges. 
  • So easy to edit with responsive structure. 

Despite being the best no-code website builder, wordpress has some shortcomings that can give you second thoughts before choosing it

No longer it seems secure and safe as it is prone to threats and even if you want to add navigation within your website then it could be a frustrating experience for you with WordPress. Its frequent upcoming updates can hinder your smooth going work. 


  • WordPress Starter: ~$5/month
  • WordPress Pro: ~12/month

6. Shopify 

If you are looking for a great platform where you can sell your products and services on a large scale domain, Shopify is the better to jump on. 

This website builder has a strong base of HTML and CSS . It provides you with an abundant recovery system. 

Using this no-code website builder may cost you hidden charges and even it promised to offer you large-scale selling but in reality, this is restricted to particular countries, You can not expect to be at a global level. 

The payment process will little glitchy as when you tend to use a third-party payment gateway then you need to pay to Shopify in order to proceed with the payment. 


  • Basic: $29/Month
  • shopify: $79/Month
  • Advanced: $299/Month

7. Quixy 

It seems to be the best website in no code zone when it comes to project management, trade and expense management, HRMS and CRM services. 

Want to enjoy a website with your own dashboard ? Then Quixy is best due to following reasons 

  • Customized dashboard 
  • Stay upto date with task management and automatic document generator 
  • Before launch, every holder wants to test his website but most website builders do not facilitate this. But Quiky is here is a website testing application called Quiky Stimulator 


  • Solution: Starts from $1000/month
  • Platform: $18/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales

8. Bubble 

Bubble makes it quick and easy for anyone to create elegant web apps and great-looking web products. It's the ideal solution for prototyping, quickly launching internal tools and websites, and scaling efficiently without investing in additional infrastructure.

You can customize Bubble's templates with a great point-and-click editor tool, making it easy to create tools that are hard to find in other no-code website builders. This includes the ability to interact with clients via forms embedded in websites and interacting databases.

It is a cloud-based platform that makes your website more trendy and flawlessly interconnected with a payment interface.

You don’t have to worry about backup and privacy as this is well-designed privacy. 

The only problem is you can not test the plugins without paying for it which could be risky 


  • Personal: $25/Month
  • Professional: $115/Month
  • Production: $475/Month

9. Sheet2site

If you want to build a complete website out of Google Sheets, Sheet2Site is the best no-code web builder.

Designed specifically for compatibility with Google Sheets, Sheet2Site allows users to turn Google Sheets into the backend of their website, and Sheet2Site templates provide the frontend.

In short, building and managing a website with Sheet2Site has never been easier, as long as you know how to use a Google Drive spreadsheet.

Some of the most attractive features include the ability to embed Facebook and Twitter post type forms , and meta titles/metadata descriptions.

Sheet2Site isn't for everyone looking to build an e-commerce website, but for portfolios and small businesses/freelancers looking for an easy way to manage a sleek and stylish website. 

But apart from google sheets using other functions is quite challenging and most important this website builder is not proven to be good support if you want to stand in the eCommerce market. 


  • Basic: $29/month
  • Premium: $49/month

10. Carrd 

When considering what kind of website you want to build, sometimes simple is better. If you want to create a simple landing page or a one-page website without coding, Carrd is for you. Cardd makes it very easy to design and set up a one-page website or landing page. Choose one of Carrd's 75 stylish templates and easily customize it with editing tools. Carrd also provides a handy how-to overlay explaining how to edit the template before you start. A one-page website is pretty basic by definition, but Carrd offers a wide range of options for customizing your website. In addition to various templates, Carrd has a huge library of buttons, icons, and animations that users can choose from to make their one-page website unique.

If you're having trouble setting up your Carrd site, don't worry. Carrd has a huge knowledge base that addresses almost any issue you may encounter.

But when it comes to creative freedom then Carrd is not a good choice 

11. Softr 

Softr is a whole new approach to custom app development, making it as easy as building a Lego set. Softr creates beautiful and powerful websites, web apps, or customer portals from your airtable data. Start from scratch or use a template.

  • Softr offers a radically new approach to custom app development. A modular Lego-like building experience and out-of-the-box business logic are its standout features. Instead of building your app pixel by pixel, you can build it like Lego.
  • Softr's main components are authentication, lists/tables, stripe payments, charts, kanban, calendar blocks, etc. Each building block represents a logical part of the program consisting of frontend, business logic, and backend (Authentication, List/Table, Stripe Payments, Charts, Kanban, Calendar blocks, etc.).

Softr's methodology makes it easy to use and powerful, enabling business users to create customer portals, internal tools, and dashboards in hours based on data with no learning curve.



  • Starter: $24/Month
  • Professional: $65/Month
  • Business: $165/Month

12. Super. so 

So what exactly is Super. so? It's a no-code website builder designed specifically for turning Notion pages into websites.

It acts like a second layer on top of your Notion page, adding extra features like custom domains, navigation menus, HTML, and CSS to turn it into a standard website.

Super. so is for bloggers and writers who already use Notion and want to upgrade their site to a fully functional website without coding or learning how to use more complex web-building tools like WordPress. Perfect for, artists, and creators.

For those already familiar with Notion, using Super. so is easy. But it only works for Notions and is not compatible with other structures. 

Pricing at Super. so is very easy. The company offers plans for $12/month per site.

So what do you get for $12? Super. so's plans let you create fully responsive websites with SEO tools, customizable themes, password protection, custom domains, automatic SSL, and more.

13. GO daddy 

Godaddy Website Builder is an all-in-one no-code website-building solution. Godaddy is the world's largest domain registrar. We also offer hosting + website building.

It is one of the best platforms to bring a simple website online in record time. The drag-and-drop builder can also be accessed from mobile devices. Build a website with Godaddy

No technical skills are required to create a website with Godaddy. After the login process, a wizard will appear. You will need to select a website category and the website name and the website will be created automatically. The editor is easy to use with its section-based design. You cannot drag and drop items, but you can use the buttons to move items up and down. You can switch between templates entirely or customize them with custom colors and typography. Overall, the builder doesn't offer many customization options. It's a good editor for simple websites, but not the best for large websites.


  • Maximum: $22.99/Month
  • Ultimate: $14.99/Month
  • Deluxe: $ 9.99/Month
  • Economy: $6.99/Month

14. Weebly 

The free plan is generous and comes with affordable premium packages, making it perfect for those looking for a free website builder.

Weebly provides everything you need to launch your website, including blogging and eCommerce functionality. This platform has unique features suitable for developers. Get various free themes in categories such as Blogs, Events, Personal, Portfolio, and Business. This is the simplest tool, as items are organized into groups such as trade, media, structures, and bases. The quality of these templates is not the best. It's a simple and clean design, but it's old and lacks all the necessary elements.

One of Weebly's key features is performance. It offers users unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

You can even build an online store, and the store management panel is intuitive and simple. The Weebly editor is intuitive and easy to use, but it lacks some advanced customization options. The drag-and-drop functionality isn't the best experience either


  • Connect: $5/month
  • Pro: $12/month
  • Business: $25 /month

15. Ghost 

If you ever dream to have your newsletter then choosing ghost will turn out to be your best decision. 

The company comes into existence in the year 2013 with the great vision to "build the best open source tools for freelance journalists and writers around the world to truly impact the future of online media."

Ghost is the best web builder for authors, journalists, and bloggers who want to make their mark in online digital media 

Quite similar to WordPress with free excess to the number of services and tools This means you can customize your web page as per your requirement without spending a cent.

Ghost has  many advantages, including: 

  • Managed installation and setup and regular server maintenance/backups. Ghost comes up with unique features related to content management and publishing. 
  • These include mailing lists, subscription tools, features for creating newsletters, writing features that allow guest author collaboration and internal tagging, and publishing features such as internal tags and scheduled posts. 


  • Starter: $9/Month
  • Creator: $25/Month
  • Team: $50/Month
  • Business: $199/Month


Each website builder (no code) comes with many features. However, it also offers some additional features to conquer the market. These additional features are developer-specific and may not meet all requirements. So it's up to you to choose a website builder tool that suits your needs.

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