Recommended Field Agent Apps to Maximize Field Sales Performance

Let's get to know some of the best apps for field agents to maximize field sales performance!


In today's world, the right combination of technology is required to boost a sales team's effectiveness and maximize its performance. Integrating technology, particularly in field sales, it could work wonders. As a result, using a mobile sales app can not only make your life easier, but also allow you to be more efficient and close more deals.

On that note, let's skim through an extensive list containing the best apps for field agents and door-to-door sales agents and understand how they can help you boost your field sales performance.


Parking can be a huge challenge for a field agent day in and day out who is looking to meet his sales target. What makes SpotHero one among the best apps for sales representatives is that it allows sales reps to find and reserve parking spaces easily. With services in over 300 major cities across the United States and Canada, it is known for its seamless overall parking experience and trail-blazing customer-first approach. 

With SpotHero, sales reps can proactively compare pricing for many parking spots near their destination. Once the spot is booked, the parking pass is sent via text, email, or the mobile app, which can be shown on arrival. Such a hassle-free experience matters the world to reps operating in crowded territories.

Find That Lead

Find That Lead is a classic B2B lead generator that simplifies the search for new leads and obtains their verified contact details with minimal wait time. Forging such authentic channels with sales prospects elevates the productivity of cold emailing strategies.

Find That Lead feeds the sales team daily leads, allowing the sales team to scale and connect with key players of an arbitrary industry. You can also run targeted email campaigns with built-in analytics to assess and recalibrate and pinpoint prospects based on their predetermined audience segments.


Teams and individuals can use TripIt to organize their travel more easily and efficiently. It automatically generates a thorough itinerary outlining where and when you should be. Be it coordinating with coworkers, updating your family on your whereabouts, or booking the same airline, hotel, or cab, TripIt helps with it all.

It aids you with maps of airports and terminals, making navigating easier, and offers different ways to get from one place to another. Not only does it simplify finding nearby locations, but it also displays safety ratings for the areas you're visiting as a heads-up.

For sales reps that do most of their traveling via airlines, TripIt is a must-have app. It will alert you if seat vacancies open, flights change or get delayed, and prompt you on when you should leave for the airport to beat traffic.

Badger Maps

When it comes to sales prospecting tools, Badger Maps is one of the best at it.  The intuitive interface presents the field agent with all the viable prospects accompanied by a map to prioritize and maximize sales potential throughout the day.

You can easily create the best possible route that covers your top-selling opportunities in the shortest period. The accounts visible on the map can be selected per the pre-decided plan and covered efficiently for maximum conversion. Filters on priority, business type, and so on help forge a hawkeye view of your territory and focus on what matters.

Not only does Badger plan your day in a matter of minutes, but it also digs up new leads, follows up with potential clientele, and takes care of the routine work by updating CRM data from the field. 


High-performing sales teams can use scheduling apps like Doodle to collaborate, arrange customer demos better, and fill their pipeline. Sales reps can block calendars at opportune windows to meet with prospects and all events in a consolidated fashion. 

Doodle eliminates the need for cumbersome calendar management. Prospects can pick the time that suits their schedule, and sales reps can share the time constraints to set up a meeting with minimal back-and-forth friction. It links to any standard calendar and offers a hassle-free user experience.  

Google Maps

Google Maps is the gold standard for navigation and route planning due to its reliability, ease of use, and highly intuitive interface. Sales reps can add up to 9 stops, get real-time traffic updates, make a pitstop for food, drinks, and fuel, and receive constant directions to reach the destination in the shortest commute.

Different types of map views and the well-thought-out intuitive UI makes for a stress-free experience, be it commuting by cycle, foot, car, or public transport. Some much-needed flexibility is offered by having multiple alternatives for travel and routes, especially while negotiating through inner-city traffic patterns.

Dragon Anywhere

Apps for taking notes and recording conversations can help sales representatives save time and remember crucial details. This is when apps like Dragon Anywhere bring in their professional-grade mobile dictation, making it simple to write documents of any length and format, and distribute them at the touch of a button.

Some prominent features include a correction menu to minimize spelling errors, dictation with no word limit, access to customized words & state-of-the-art accuracy with precise voice editing and formatting.


Without any doubt, closing is the most important stage of the entire sales cycle. The Proposify proposal application eliminates bottlenecks for growing teams and brings more visibility into this important stage. This makes Proposify one of the best apps for sales reps.

Sales reps and teams can brainstorm the desired design and substance within the available templates and snippets and play around with the central library of content, infographics, and images. 

Sales representatives can easily send out successful proposals with only a few clicks, thanks to Proposify's straightforward procedure and pre-approved content. Moreover, with analytics as a supplement, reps can analyze which pages were viewed along with their corresponding durations while knowing where the proposal stands at each sales cycle stage.

Such a cutting-edge proposal viewing experience with real-time pricing, e-signatures, and appealing videos rings a positive tone with the clients, which results in long-lasting relationships.


MindTickle is one of the industry's leading sales readiness platforms trusted by revenue leaders to identify and drive winning sales rep behaviors. In simpler words, sales readiness means utilizing various tools and procedures to raise knowledge, improve performance, increase sales productivity, and adapt to change for sustainable revenue 6growth.

Traditional sales enablement programs are not tied to actual selling circumstances, so sales personnel forget 80% of their sales training within days. MindTickle offers an easy way to build learning modules quickly, assess how they apply in sales meetings, and enhance the entire sales process.

Managers can assign learning roadmaps that align with roles and track onboarding workflow with real-time certifications. Besides revenue growth, MindTickle's features also translate into reduced new hire onboarding time and a considerable increase in coaching interaction via improved manager-team relationships.

Such a sales preparedness platform is designed for everyone, regardless of whether you oversee a whole revenue organization, oversee a group of sales representatives, or assist sales success.


GoToMeeting is a reliable video conferencing app with a fairly intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing sales reps to conduct calls readily without interference. Reps can record demo presentations and forward links to end-users for further review or share with the ones who missed the call.

Not only does the crystal clear video establish a personal connection with the client, but handy features like notes and action items ease the routine tasks. Moreover, the personalized meeting room and a dedicated brand-centric URL are an added plus.


The growing abundance of field sales apps in the market makes it oddly difficult for reps to pick the right one. So, it makes sense to stick with the ones to whom you can delegate automation of sales route planning while simultaneously boosting your sales funnels and helping you close deals more frequently and efficiently.

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