The 11 Best No Code App Builders In 2024

It's as easy as taking pen to paper and drawing exactly what you want on your web page. "Images here, videos there, forms below..."

Use the no-code app builder's declarative interface to drag and drop pre-coded elements where you need them, and the code follows. It's not that the coding isn't done. The elements are already created behind the scenes, just tell it where to go. Combining a cloud-based spreadsheet like Excel, Google Sheets, or Airtable to hold your data with an idea of ​​how you want to display that information makes it surprisingly easy. You can deploy your app in no time.

Benefits of using a no-code app builder

Low barriers to entry are just one of the many compelling reasons to look to no-code app development. Here are some other benefits of building apps fwithout coding:

Accelerate innovation. Imagine meeting growing goals, expanding into new markets, or completing large projects by giving each teammate the power to control and build the apps they need to get their work done. please try.

Cost reduction. Traditional application programming is expensive, including custom builds and the time it takes professional developers to flesh them out. Some estimates say that no-code app builders can cut costs by as much as 74%.

Stronger collaboration. Instead of technical and non-technical departments working in silos, no-code app development brings disparate teams together and lays the foundation for common goals and language.

Skills to grow. Organizations in every industry are looking for ways to stay agile and build fast. And the no-code app builder helps keep you up to date. No-code app builders are not only quick to implement but their resources and capabilities are growing daily. This means that over time, no-code app developers will be able to do more than they do today.

Improved ROI. Give your teammates new tools to extend their contribution to your organization, so you can make more impact in less time. Repeat this over time - your teammates will have more impact with less effort and time - and you'll get meaningful results.

The 11 Best No Code App Builders In 2023-2024

1. Zorp 

No-Code Platform - Zorp enables businesses to create native Android and iOS apps for their employees in minutes. With Zorp, tools like text boxes, places, and lists can be quickly added to your app using the drag-and-drop builder. They can be as simple as a data collection form or as complex as a 10-minute delivery app or a field sales app. Zorp also provides powerful dashboards for reporting and management, so you can keep an eye on people and tasks.

What makes it stand out?

  • Zorp is a no-code platform. This means you don't have to design bandwidth to build your app.
  • It's very fast and has a simple drag and drop app builder for adding components and screens.
  • Manage your workflow end-to-end. For example, if you want to get her KYC details from a user, field service management, onsite service, etc.
  • Zorp is a powerful alternative to Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Whatsapp Groups. If your business uses some or all of these, you can use Zorp to build your apps and replace them in minutes.


Start-Up:  $7.5/Month/User

Growth:  $20/Month/User

Enterprise:  Custom

2. Bubble 

No knowledge of coding? No issue, 

 The bubble is here to drag you out of this dilemma as with this amazing web app builder, you can design your app without any HTML and Javascript or any professional database. Moreover, you can easily share your sample with the targeted audience in order to test your idea, You don’t need to worry about the web server because Bubble itself will host and deploys, and show you its working process. 

What makes it stand out?

  • Mobile synchronized application builder 
  • Huge data storage along with a great volume of traffic 
  • Unlimited tools and features such as SEO, Google Analytics, or Email Marketing
  • Dynamic content structure that makes interaction within the application a fun going experience. 
  • More in consumer-centered app builder and truly ultimate all-at-one-place solutions.

It may become expensive along with product scaling but still affordable compared to other paid builders.

There is nothing better than Bubble for creating consumer-focused apps and products. Bubble is the simplest platform to work on and there is constant guidance and support will be provided wherever you are stuck.


Personal:  $25/Month

Professional:  $115/Month

Production:  $475/Month

3. Airtable 

Airtable is team focused no-code app builder that can turn the best mate into large-scale enterprises. If you are planning to design the app in the context of project management, Airtable as a code web app builder is the perfect place to come out with team tracking, task monitoring, or project report-related app. It works exactly what managers want. 

What makes it stand out? 

  • Work like Google sheet 
  • Help to enhance productivity 
  • Easy editing 
  • Provide you with interface designing 
  • Simplifying and streamlining the workforce 
  • Track and analyze your performance

It is a multidimensional tool like half of project management and on another side it is no code web app builder 


Plus:  $10

Pro:  $20

4. AppSheet 

It assists you in developing full service in just a few days without a single code. AppSheet is capable enough to capture images, and locations scancode. It is great if you wish to generate reports or emails. Before starting, you will get a full guide tour and how you have to use it. 

You feel very amazed to know that Google itself acquired the AppSheet 

What makes it stand out?

  • It is enriched with data collection
  • Quite Assessable to web and mobile platforms 
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence support 
  • You can test your application for Free first 10 users 

App Sheet provides you with full professional steps such as capturing images, report preparation, offline mode of work, and many more.


Starter:  $5/Month/User

Core:  $10/Month/User

5. Ninox 

A fantastic app-building platform that promised to upscale your business process. You can work smoothly even if your internet connectivity is poor, and can manage your tasks. Various templates are available as per your diversified requirements. Enhance the quality of presentation with inbuilt charts, reports, and graphs. Streamline and scale up your workflow in smooth collaboration with teams even in a remote setup. 

What makes it unique?

  • Not to worry about internet connectivity 
  • Compatible with any type of window or system such as Cloud, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android 
  • Unlimited templates per business requirements such as invoices, events, meetings, etc. 

Note that you should not move forward with this application if you are planning to develop a full-facing consumer app because of its limited features.


Mac user/single:  35 euro

Single/iPad:  Free

Single/iPhone:  Free

Ninox Cloud:  10 Euro

6. Appy Pie 

Appy pie is the right place to start with multifunctional apps. Here you will be provided with the pre-set theme-based templates.  You can customize as per your designed and pre-decided goals. Appy Pie is efficient enough to set assistance in the process of making any kind of application whether it is a delivery app, dating app, or shopping app. 

Apart from being a code web app builder, Appy pie also offers courses on app-building knowledge and skills. 

What makes it stand out? 

  • App can be updated and edited in the offline mode
  • Work smoothly with iOS and Androids database 
  • Well designed with an inbuilt app store for greater support 
  • Real-time interface is available
  • You can easily change the app into a well-structured website. 
  • You can design posters, brochures, and logos 
  • AI chatbots without coding 

But when it comes to consumer support, it is a bit disappointing and Appy pie has more expertise in the mobile-based application. 

Appy pie is a powerful no-code app builder especially for constructing mobile applications. It starts with a free plan with lots of tools to go on, when in case of premiums, better you go for Platinum if you want to work on the iOS version.


Basic:  $16/Month

Gold:  $36/Month

Platinum:  $60/Month

7. QuickBase 

Provides workflows for improved collaboration between business and IT teams. Composed of an ecosystem of applications, QuickBase allows us with the minimal technical background to manage and scale across a single platform. Companies use QuickBase's no-code or low-code solutions to efficiently transform ideas into applications.

What makes it stand out?

  • Fully secure and privacy bounded 
  • No hindrance in work as it can operate without internet 
  • Data will be at your fingertips 
  • Integratedte with your past records 

It is totally business focused no individual plan available.


Team:  $600 Annually

Business:  $2000 Annually

8. Quixy 

Quixy lets you design quality applications without having to learn complex design tools. Interactive app projects, business process management, building digital platforms, and more, Quixy does it all without any design or technical knowledge.

What makes it stand out?

  • Design the user interface in her 6-column layout
  • Multiple form fields, including fields to capture geolocation, electronic signatures, audio, video, etc.
  • Options such as calculated fields, grid controls, subforms, facial recognition, QR code scanning
  • Different app previews on different device options
  • Unlimited workflow steps in sequential, parallel, or conditional mode.


Solution: $1000/Month

Platform: $18/Month

9. BuildFire

It is a robust no-code application builder that lets you build applications in real time. Like other No code app builders on this list, BuildFire uses easy-to-use drag-and-drop technology to quickly integrate the app components you need.

What makes it stand out?

  • Its ability to see the app being built in real-time the app emulator.
  • extend the functionality of your app through the plugin marketplace. 
  • you can write your own plugin and customize your app with the BuildFire SDK.
  •  it's a great option for those who want to break free from some of the no-code limitations and enter the low-code world. 

Basically, BuildFire takes care of all the tedious work so you can focus on your ideas. It handles the entire infrastructure of your app. Everything from logins, security, firewalls, load balancers, analytics, push notifications, and more.



  • Premium:  $5000
  • Signature:  $7500
  • Enterprise:  $15000

App Development:

  • Starter:  $349/Month
  • Standard:  $499/Month
  • Standard Plus:  $699/Month

10. ClickUp 

ClickUp is a full-service application with the ambitious motto "Be the one app that replaces everything". With 35+ "ClickApps" and 50+ action points for automation, documents, reports, project management, and more, his ClickUp is a virtually limitless platform. It also provides great no-code tools to connect disparate sources of information to create funnels and workflows for ultimate efficiency.

What makes it stand out?

  • Nested documents and wikis with real-time collaboration
  • 1,000+ native integrations
  • Pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Link all these features in the editor
  • Coaching and Course Offers for ClickUp Experts

11. Betty Blocks 

BettyBlocks accelerates time to market by enabling companies to build complex applications without coding. The User Interface Builder allows you to drag and drop the fronthat or combine it with a JS framework for complete flexibility. Process and manage data, develop new features, and bring it all together with BettyBlocks

What makes it stands out?

  • Automated updates while working 
  • Easy to use and flexible user interface 
  • Ultimate Cloud-based 

It has three types of plans: Single Standard and Enterprise.

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