Why everything in Ops compounds

Everything you do in Ops compounds faster than other functions.

Just by the sheer pace Ops works and the volume handled, anything you do in Ops compounds really fast. Much more than other functions like Marketing, Sales and Engineering.

This is hard to understand as an outsider. For eg.,

- Your Marketing team might run 1 campaign in a week (the really good ones)

- Your engineering team might launch a new product per month

- Your warehouse team packs 1000 orders per day!

On the other hand, the levers that engineering has is much larger than the levers that ops has. >Lever means >magnitude of change.

we often put in a lot of importance to improvement in engg process (big changes) and not so much in ops (small changes). Really good ops teams are constantly chipping away inefficiencies in their ops because it compounds really fast.

If you run an ops team, it's important to not just wait for the big technical capabilities but streamlining every inch of your process.

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Stop force-fitting your mission-control processes to standard solutions. Discover how.

What you get:

👉 Gain real time visibility and control
👉 Go live in weeks
👉 Customize to fit your ops
👉 Use only what you need, we do not disrupt your existing flows

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