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Battery Swapping Application

Help your customers and partners figure out which battery to swap with, the status of your batteries and keep track of the owner of your battery at any point in time.

Efficient Battery Swapping

Simplify the process of battery swapping with our reliable network application. Keep track of battery status and ownership effortlessly, improving your service quality.

The Battery Swapping Application is a tool that helps manage and track battery swapping activities. By keeping a detailed record of battery statuses and owners, it helps prevent confusion and errors, ensuring that every swap is reliable and correctly accounted for. This leads to more efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction.

Features & Integrations in this template

Scan the Batteries

Scan the old and new batteries using QR Code or Barcode

Validate battery charge level

Integrate with your iOT and verify the battery charge level before swapping


Notify the right teams in case of battery mismatch or other issues

Validate successful swap

Verify that the swap is successful with realtime validation

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