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Product Quality Check

Automate your product QC with specific questions and processes using this QC application. Schedule QC checks for different times, Perform different QC processes for the same or different products.

Quality Assurance Made Easy

Streamline your product quality check with our comprehensive app. Schedule different QC checks and optimize processes for products to ensure consistent high quality.

The Product Quality Check app automates your product QC processes. With the ability to schedule checks at different times and to perform various QC procedures for the same or different products, this application ensures consistent quality across your product line, leading to better customer satisfaction and trust in your brand.

Features & Integrations in this template

Create your custom form

Create your business specific custom form to collect data you need

Sampling or 100% QC

Perform Sampling or 100% QC depending on the product types

Approval or Rejection Rules

Setup automatic approval or rejection rules based on the answers in realtime.

Comprehensive Reporting

Get realtime Comprehensive reporting on every QC, status, quality & feedback.

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