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Location Verification App

Verify the location of a product or a person automatically. Don't leave anything to chance. Use realtime GPS location and conduct your location verification process.

Accurate Location Verification

Automate location verification with our real-time GPS application. Ensure accuracy in verifying product or personal locations, enhancing reliability and trust.

The Location Verification App offers a robust tool for verifying the location of products or individuals using real-time GPS data. This ensures a high level of accuracy and reliability in your location verification process, eliminating uncertainties and enhancing the credibility of your operations.

Features & Integrations in this template

Customizable Distance

Setup the acceptable distance dynamically to validate the location


Get notified of any issues in realtime through the channel of choice

Work with Address or Lat lng

Work with either Address or Lat lng and perform the validation automatically


Extend the forms using an easy to use drag and drop interface

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