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Doorstep Appliance Repair

Use this Template to create an App for your workforce who do DoorStep Service of your company's products for your customers. Provide a live tracking link to your customers, monitor the products changed, take pictures and other proofs and even collect payments.

Real-time Appliance Servicing

Empower your workforce with a realtime tracking doorstep appliance repair application. Product monitoring and payment collection ensures top-notch customer service.

The Doorstep Appliance Repair app revolutionizes the way appliance repair services operate. With our application, your workforce can provide real-time tracking to customers, helping them know exactly when their appliance will be serviced. Technicians can monitor the products changed, take pictures and other proofs, and even collect payments seamlessly. The app is intuitive and simple, leading to a user-friendly experience for your workforce and your customers alike.

Features & Integrations in this template

Bulk order Creation

Create orders one by one or in bulk via csv or APIs


Use Map view to nativigate to customer location


Customize or extend the app to your use case

Location Validation

Validate whether the worker has reached customer's location

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