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Factory Work Order Management

Any type of factory, any time of work, automate your workorder process using this application in no time. Combine multiple workorder processes and track them in realtime.

Automated Work Order Processing

Streamline your factory work order process with our application. Track multiple work orders in real time, improving operational efficiency and productivity.

The Factory Work Order Management app enables you to automate your work order process efficiently. Regardless of the type of factory or the work involved, this app helps you monitor and track work orders in real time, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of tasks.

Features & Integrations in this template

Support multiple workorders

Manage multiple workorders at the same time in sequence or parallel.

Realtime Visibility

Know the status of workorder, the owner of the WO in realtime

Customizable Fields

Customize the tasks, forms, information in the Work Order

Consolidated Reports

Get a consolidated view of all work orders grouped according to your needs

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