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Home Diagnostics - Sample Collection

Collecting medical samples can be tricky especially with a poorly managed process. Automate your medical sample collection service using the application here. Keep track of the user information, sample IDs and avoid mistakes.

Streamlined Sample Collection

Ensure error-free medical sample collection with our automated app. Keep track of user information and sample IDs, enhancing accuracy and reliability of your service.

The Home Diagnostics - Sample Collection app automates the medical sample collection process. It tracks user information and sample IDs, reducing the chance of errors and ensuring a reliable and efficient service.

Features & Integrations in this template


Get notified of any issues in realtime through the channel of choice

Comprehensive Reporting

Get realtime reporting on every job, status, quality, feedback and many more.

Customer interaction

Provide the right information in a format to your customers to satisfy customers

Integrate with OMS

Integrate with Order Management Systems to create tasks realtime

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