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Hospitality Hygiene Audit

Who wants a stinking hostpital. Worse than a stinking hospital is to not know whether the hospital is stunking. Automate your hospital's hygiene audit through this simple application.

Streamlined Hygiene Audits

Enhance your hospital's hygiene standards with our application. Implement a systematic approach to maintain a pleasant environment, reassuring patients and staff alike.

The cleanliness of a hospital plays a significant role in patient satisfaction and safety. Our Hospitality Hygiene Audit app makes it easy to track cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring that high standards are met consistently. It provides a straightforward way to report and address issues, fostering a clean, healthy environment for patients and staff alike.

Features & Integrations in this template

Different Audit Types

Perform different types of audit from the same app

Customize and Extend

Modify your questions, data collect and other params to suit your needs


Customized reports for every audit


Get notified realtime when there are problems

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