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Still managing your HVAC service with spreadsheets and paper? Build your own HVAC app in minutes using Zorp.

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Ready to use HVAC Service App

Reach your customer with ease and solve their HVAC issues using Zorp's HVAC Service App


Map View of Customer Location for Turn by Turn Navigation

Easy Data Collection

Collect Issue Details for further exploration

Media Upload

Collect Pre-Service and Post-Service Photos

Signature Capture

Collect User Signature


What we used to make this possible


Airtable is a platform for building collaborative applications. Create unique workflows for your team. Kanban Views. Trusted by 200K Teams. User Friendly. Project Tracker. Secured. iOS & Android Apps. Calendar Views. Free & Pro Plans. 350+ App Integrations. 200+ Templates.

Google Sheet

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.


Components we used in Zorp

File Upload

This component allows users to upload a file


Show a list of repeatable items. This component can be used in cases where a non-deterministic number of items are shown in a task. For eg., this can be used to show a list of items in an order, list of inventory being carried by a user.


A Component used to input numbers


Map component is used to show location in a map interface. Users can see their current location and the location they need to get to. They also can get turn by turn navigation using the navigation button.


Collect payment from the user using cash or via QR code. The component can be used in cases where payment needs to be collected.

Image Upload

Easily capture images using camera or upload images from gallery using the image upload component.


Build your own for a HVAC service in under 10 minutes using the following steps

Display the details of the customer and the problem

Show the route to the customer location

Checkin at the customer location, collect details about the issue.

Upload pre-service photos, create estimates

Display estimates to the customer

Complete the service and upload post service photos

Collect payment from the customer.

HVAC Service App

Still managing your HVAC service with spreadsheets and paper? Build your own HVAC app in minutes using Zorp.

100% Free to Download & Use  🎉

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