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Incident Reporting

Time is one of the most critical factors in dealing with workplace incidents. This application will let you know in realtime as and when the incident is reported. Also, helps you conduct follow ups and close the reconciliation process

Real-time Incident Management

Effectively manage workplace incidents with our real-time reporting application. Prompt responses and comprehensive follow-ups enhance workplace safety and efficiency.

Our Incident Reporting app enables swift and efficient reporting and tracking of workplace incidents. The real-time updates ensure prompt action, reducing the potential negative impacts and enhancing the overall safety of your workplace. The follow-up and reconciliation features also allow a more organized management of incidents, fostering a secure work environment.

Features & Integrations in this template

Customizable Form

Setup the incident form and set the data points that need to be collected

Setup Escalations

Setup escalations based on time, type of incident and inform the right team

Multiple Channels

Get notified of any issues in realtime through the channel of choice

Add it to existing app

Already have an existing app? Easily add this workflow to your existing app

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