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Sales Team Customer Onboarding

Do you want your sales team to onboard customers or fill up forms? Use this automated application to onboard customers in realtime and activate them with no additional effort.

Seamless Sales Onboarding

Enhance your sales team's efficiency with our automated onboarding application. Realtime customer activation boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Sales Team Customer Onboarding app automates the customer onboarding process, making it easier for sales teams to bring new customers onboard. It eliminates the need for manual form completion, reduces errors, and allows for real-time customer activation. It�s a tool designed to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of time it takes to get a customer up and running.

Features & Integrations in this template

Supports many onboarding types

Customize your onboarding flow according to your business needs

Validate documents

Not just collect documents but validate them in realtime

Catch errors, copies, frauds

Realtime integration will catch mismatches with the user onboarding based


Get live reports across utilization, TAT, Quality and other metrics

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