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User Onboarding Application

Do you have teams acquiring customers in the field? Use this application to collect customer details, automate your onboarding process and send realtime notification to your users.

BTL Customer Acquisition

Simplify customer onboarding with our field-acquiring application. Collect customer details, automate processes, and send real-time notifications to enhance UX.

The User Onboarding Application is a powerful tool for customer acquisition. It allows field teams to collect customer details on the go, simplifying the onboarding process immensely. It also enables real-time notifications, meaning new customers can start enjoying your services immediately after they're onboarded. The application streamlines field operations and provides a more enjoyable experience for the customer.

Features & Integrations in this template

Multiple Data Types

Collect everything from images, files, signature and more

Realtime update

Update your internal CRM in reamtime


Customize or extend the app to your use case


Create live reports for onboarding and activation

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