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Vehicle Maintenance App

Track the parts changed, time taken to repair and the work done by your employees in one place using this app.

Effective Vehicle Maintenance

Automate your vehicle maintenance activities with our app. Track parts replacement, repair duration, and employee tasks, ensuring efficient vehicle care.

Our Vehicle Maintenance App enables you to efficiently automate your vehicle maintenance activity. It records the parts changed, the time taken for repair, and the work done by your employees. This ensures a comprehensive and reliable maintenance record for every vehicle, leading to better service and customer satisfaction.

Features & Integrations in this template


Get notified of any issues in realtime through the channel of choice

Customizable Fields

Customize the tasks, forms, information in the Work Order

Consolidated Reports

Get a consolidated view of all the tickets, their status, users and other params

Track Inventory

Track the items used in the repair process at an SKU and quantity level

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