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Vehicle Swapping Application

Do you want to allow your customers or partners to swap vehicles? Use this application to create a reliable way to swap vehicles while keeping track of all damages, authority etc.

Reliable Vehicle Swapping

Streamline vehicle swapping with our dependable application. Monitor all vehicle exchanges, damages, and permissions with precision, enhancing trust among customers.

The Vehicle Swapping Application is a powerful tool for businesses that allow customers or partners to swap vehicles. It provides a reliable way to monitor all vehicle exchanges, track damages, and ensure proper authorization for each swap. This comprehensive record-keeping aids in the management of vehicles and enhances customer trust in the process.

Features & Integrations in this template

Scan the Vehicles

Scan the old and new Vehicles using QR Code or Barcode

Manage Teams and Users

Manage your entire organization through role based access control


Notify the right teams in case of Vehicle mismatch or other issues

Validate successful swap

Verify that the swap is successful with realtime validation

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